Pic Spam: Because 2011 is just too much so far.

Ok, so far we’ve got a massive three-person Morning Musume graduation, a new soloist (Kikuka-something-or-other…the one from Nutjob’s anime group), at least two new singles to come, four new members of Momusu, including a very surprised H!P Egg, and the impending graduation of our current Momusu leader and arguably the center of H!P itself. And that is in maybe three weeks.

Give us a moment to breathe, will ya, Tsunku?

I have been trying to do a pic spam for a couple days now, but it seems every time I try to post it, something else happens. What next??

OH! I forgot that the OGs will be going on tour soon.

SERIOUSLY!! STOP!!! Unless you are giving Yossy another photobook, just GIVE IT A REST!!!

Let’s all start off this massive pic spam by looking at the lovely Yossy being…well, just delightful. LOOK at her. I love her so much…

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Takahashi is leaving the building.

This autumn riida is finally graduating. Apparently she is leaving Momusu AND H!P. She’s overtaken even Iida Kaori in how long she has been in the group and she’s been leader longest also. She has basically all the lines in almost every song. She’s gorgeous and an amazing performer.

What are we going to do?

When I read this over at Hello Online (see blogroll), I honestly got a shock. I just blinked at the computer screen for a few minutes while that cold weird feeling passed over me.

I don’t even know why. I mean, she’s been in the group for such a long time. Of course she is going to leave someday. Of course she is going to have to make room for new members. She’s 24 and the average age of Momusu is 12-21 (or there abouts). Even if it makes sense, it’s still a shock.

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Give Gocchin a Break.

When I read this article at Klay’s Blog, I confess it was kind of a relief to have someone finally say it. Of course H!P is restrictive, or was in her case. Of course she has more freedom now, in a she-still-has-to-fit-the-agency’s-agenda-and-sell kinda way.

Is there really a need to go all nuts about it? I don’t think she is ungrateful at all. I don’t think she honestly looks back and thinks, “Oh, if only I’d become famous some other way!” I think she loved a lot of her times in H!P (before all the exhaustion and family issues) and I think she cherishes Morning Musume because it brought so much to her: fame, experience and friends she will have forever. I don’t think she meant anything by that statement at all.

Here is my theory…

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*~In Which Isilie Reviews 2010 ~*

Well, it’s that time again…2010 seemed to fly by, at least if you’re me. In fact, I spent most of it working my butt off in the “real world”, so I’m pretty sure the quality of posts here went down a little. It seems it was a year of pic spams here at Itsumo Genki. However, pic spams are fun and at least this place is still alive and kicking. Even with the lack of coherence that sometimes occurs here, I am always writing, always loving Momusu and Yossy and H!P even though it is now three times smaller and over-run with children.

I love this picture of Momusu here. So much rabu! I will really miss the current Momusu but I am ready for a change. I am anticipating exciting things next year for them and whichever new member(s) Tsunku decides to add. With that, here is my review of this busy, busy year.

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