PikaPika ~ A Mini Review

This is another one of those concerts I was waiting for, because I still wait with baited breath for every Momusu release. I felt the same way about the last one, but this one seemed to be particularly fun for them. I remember reading blog entries about how fun the tour was and how sad the girls were that it was ending. It’s the first without Nutjob, which…I didn’t really notice, to be honest. As you can tell by the less-than-affectionate nickname, I was never really a fan. She’s one of those performers that I think would be fun to hang out with (after a few energy drinks and some pop-rox), but that I don’t want to watch in concert.

With the entire lack of new members coming in, it feels like Momusu has slowed down enough to really enjoy each other. I feel like the more they do together, the more they get into it. This concert was kinda like that.

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Pic Spam: in the middle of a heat-wave

It is hot. So hot in fact that I have two fans on me and I’m still sweating. I hope those of you with air conditioning and an unlimited supply of sno-cones, or beer, or reasonably-warm-weather-conditions enjoy this little picspam.

YOSSY PWNS!!! Gif made by my brother, who recognizes Yossy’s absolute awesomeness (because I converted him myself). YOSSY@*(YWEFVSFG&*EAHAUH!!!!!!!!!!

Just to remind you all:

The family portrait. So much cute…

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