Farewell Berryz Koubou: One Last Top Eleven

ttnberryzSo this is really it? Berryz is gone? That is such a strange feeling. I don’t actually think I’m ready for it. Those H!P kids have always been strange for me. When I started in this fandom, I didn’t really get, nor did I agree with, the idea that an idol could be a girl as young as nine or ten. It worried me that these girls were asked to be professionals when they were just children. (gif from Boom! Berryz Koubou)

Japan is a different place though. Now that I’m much more familiar with the culture, I have a better understanding of why this is acceptable. I still find myself feeling protective of younger idols, especially the ones that become “the ace” and suddenly have to be the face of their group. These particular tiny children decided after a decade that they were ready to move on and now we have to face it.

I am facing it with a list. Of my top eleven singles (because ten wasn’t enough and I’ve watched Nostalgia Critic too much). I’m sorry I can’t give them a more heartfelt send-off. I will do my best with my modest fandom.

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