In Which Isilie Rambles #1

img20130203023424924One of the biggest reasons I don’t post very often is because of how my brain works. I find it very hard to write short entries that are only one or two sentences with maybe a video attached. When I did these in the past, it was only because I had absolutely no time but wanted to comment (eg. My first post about Brainstorming). They have never sat well with me. It feels like cheating, somehow.

There is also the fact that when I start thinking about something, whether it’s about H!P or just some J-drama or movie I’ve seen, my brain will start trying to make my jumbled thoughts into an essay. Too many university English courses will do this to your brain. You start connecting things, finding parallels, trying to work everything to one point… I don’t think I’ve ever really achieved this, but my brain still goes for it.

What results is: posts that end up way longer than I intended because I can’t be more concise, or lots of little ideas that never get posted about because I can`t stretch them any further. And since I can’t cheat you guys…yeah, I don`t bother.

And this is annoying me. Because 2013 is supposed to be all about posting more. So permit me some rambles, ok?

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Ontanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!! <3


Well, it looks like it’s my and my Yossy’s birthday again…yeah, I am turning 27, she is now 28.
Let me think about how old we are for a sec…



I love that I share the same birthday as this gorgeous woman. Since she probably has to work tonight too, I will celebrate our day with some Yossy picture goodness.

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Squee Moments

helpmeswingrevealtumblrI was watching Morning Musume pvs. Specifically, the pvs since Niigaki’s graduation. Once again, I was struck by how dance oriented the last four singles (including the new one – Kimi Sae doesn’t count) have been and how interesting the choreography actually is when you watch a straight dance-shot of it.

I love concerts and all, but there is something really cool about seeing a move like the one in this gif (from Boom Hello Project’s tumblr) as it was meant to be seen. It’s not cut off by scene changes or split apart because of the stage – it’s a testament to how hard they work to make this crazy stuff look good.

Since I can’t gif to save my life (ie I haven’t learned how yet), I went looking for some gifs of my favourite choreography moments of the past four singles.

Honestly, when I see these little moments, I get goosebumps still. Man, I wish I knew how to dance. These were basically just gathered from random google searches. Thank you, (mostly) tumblr!

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