In Which Momusu Thugs about in Long Skirts


This is one of those crosses I just kinda have to bear: whenever I encounter English in a Japanese song, it’s likely to make absolutely no grammatical sense and drive me bonkers. I have no idea what ‘A Gonna’ means. It’s so very Tsunku and in English it doesn’t make any sense.

But hey, that’s never stopped us before, has it?

It’s meant to be a kansai dialect thing, but I still don’t know what it’s supposed to mean.

*sigh* It’s very distracting in an otherwise interesting song.

Y: “I can explain! “A gonna” is a pun on the phrase “ee gana” (ええがな), which is Kansai dialect for “ii ja nai ka” (いいじゃないか), meaning “why not?” or “who cares?” (source). YAY ME!”

Ah. I see.

Well, that makes sense I guess, but it’s still annoying.

Y: “Y’all are welcome!”

Dammit, she’s so adorable…

I’m not sure how much I can say about this song. I find the dance a lot more interesting than the song itself.

The song is bass-heavy and sparse, which is a strength when you’re watching them do that stiff, strange dance, but on its own I’m not sure how much I like it. As with all strange-sounding Tsunku fare, it gets catchy on the second listen. It’s also always fun to watch the tiny waifs in Momusu stomp around like they’re so THUG (in their girly skirts).

I love dance-centered singles, but there is usually more of a balance. I wish that Ogata had gotten a b-side all to herself….

Ok, no I don’t. I wish the 12th gen had gotten a b-side. Then at least her generation mates could have helped her out and we’d still get a cute goodbye (I know, I know. They have a small moment in the second A-side of this single, but it’s not quite what I meant).

Maybe it’s for the better. All these triple/double a-sides mean that I just choose the one I like best, rather than reviewing each song. So, this review is rather a return to tradition: reviewing every song/pv, even if I like the other one better (post on its way).

Still, like I said, the dance is really interesting to watch. I love that Momusu takes strange-looking moves, like the over-the-head arm wave, or the backwards scurry, and makes them look like they’re actually kinda cool.

Well, your mileage may vary on that, but I think we can agree it’s interesting to watch.

Maria is the one to watch with the arm waves, because she puts all her lank into it. She’s so very tall and she’s having a blast with this routine. Also notice Akane thuggin’ it up.

Also: TUMMEH (loverin)!

Everybody is focusing on the A motion and looking as unfortunate as possible: Maria is focusing on BEING AWESOME-LOVERIN-YAAAAY!


Not to be outdone by the outrageous amount of TUMMEH, Akane is still bein’ as gangsta as she can in that granny dress.

This little moment in the chorus, before the A-s start, is probably the only moment Chisaki doesn’t look a bit out of place. There are times when she dances and I think, “wow, she’s really talented” and then it’s like her ‘wait, this isn’t Country Girls’ switch hits and suddenly she looks all shy and subdued again.

I’m not trying to say she’s doing a bad job with a strange situation, only that I wish she felt more comfortable with the ‘cool’ stuff Momusu seems to favour at the moment. She’s quite capable, but I don’t think she’s all-in yet.

Ayumi looks a bit stiff to me, but I think it’s just because they gave her a freakin skirt. Why would you make her dance in a LONG SKIRT for this one?? I gotta say, while I love that they all have unique outfits for once, I really don’t understand Japanese fashion.

Eri-pon wishes Oda to notice the guns. Ayumin can’t look right now: it’s DANCE TIME! And Chisaki is hard-core egg-layin (to Yokoyan’s amazement).

Granny Iikubo is derpin’ it UP!

Mega-Derp: “Listen, I am not the only derp here!”

Derp-chan: “YAAAAAAH, what about me, huh?”

Yes, despite blowing my mind with how gorgeous she can look, Nonaka Derp-chan still has some of the funniest derp-faces in every pv. This is the ONLY close-up I could get of her where she didn’t have a derp-face, or had her mouth wide open.

Ok, well there is this one, but she still looks a bit-
Let’s move on.

Yes, she keeps doing the open-mouthed thing, but at least it’s without the we-think-you’re-shockingly-gross faces of Yokoyan and Masaki-kins here.

Y: “Nah, we cool.”
M: “She doesn’t speak for me.”

Let’s talk about Masaki-kins, shall we? I have way more to say about her in the next pv, but let’s just say, she’s becoming ever more mysterious.

I’ve seen people complain that she’s looking a bit too ‘mature’ during performances/pvs and that it doesn’t really match her personality. Frankly, if she danced this one like her off-stage personality, she’d be running in circles, laughing with obnoxious volume, and photo-bombing every minute of camera time (while forgetting to lip-synch). You do not want her to perform like she behaves off-camera.

The thing I noticed in this pv is a strange, unsettling intensity to all her movements. At the same time, it seems like she’s barely doing the moves at all. She looks like she’s having a bad day or something. Then you get to the close-ups and she’s our mischievous little minx again. I also love that it looks like she’s just wearing jeans and not especially interested in lookin’ girly. As a result, her dance-stompin’ has a bit more edge than the rest of them.

She looks all intense in the performances too though! It’s like she’s decided that’s her mood for this song: ‘Oh, I’ll dance and sing this, but I’m gonna be super put-out about it’.

M: “Whaaa? I do not!”

M: “But you’re not dancing with MY adorable intensity!”

*everybody hair-flips and stomps about*

M: “Or miiiiine (loveriiiin)! Bring it!”

Riida: “Now girls, that’s enough!”

It may sound like a complaint, but it’s actually awesome to watch. I couldn’t really take my eyes off Masaki-kins.

M: “Right! So what’s the problem? Geez!”

Fair enough.

Ma-chan: you’re damn lucky she’s dancing for you!

Kaga is fabulous. Full-stop.

I think pairing her with Masaki-kins for their moment in the center was a good idea. I wouldn’t have thought of those two, but their aggression during performances matches oddly well.

Kaedi knows when to step up…when Masaki-kins is about to DROP DAT INVISIBLE SANDWICH-

K: “She said ‘bring it’. I BROUGHT it!”
M: “Girl, you brung it!”

No, I haven’t forgotten about you, little one! Yoko-yan is far too adorable for this thug-stomp bass-fest of a song.

I mean, look at this face! She’s just so pleased with herself (because she has that invisible sandwich)!
I don’t know what’s wrong with Chisaki here, but this painfully awkward moment reminds me of the Eri-pon-wince.

What wince?

Hard-working, desperate Eri-pon doesn’t really get solo moments in this song, but she does seem to really dig the choreography. I love seeing the results of her hard-work, even if it’s just lookin’ thug-kawaii in the dance-shots.

A stupid lookin’ move for a cool lookin’ gal.

Fuku-hime looks far too beautiful and graceful for this song, but it’s cute when she tries. It’s like she knows this isn’t really her speed but she’s in on the joke and just trying to have fun with it. I’m not trying to say she does a bad job, but she seems too princess-like for this.


F: “As riida, I have a responsibility to look gorgeous at all times.”

And she DOES!
Although Masaki-kins is not impressed.

Akane-chin is there. She’s adorable, but unlike most of the girls, she has a dangerous edge about her. She’s trying to hide it, but it’s definitely there.

Look at that smirk! Masaki-kins-level smirk alert!

A: “HEY! Why aren’t you talking more about me!? I’m dancing my butt off here!”
I: “Deeeeerp?”

A: “And why am I ALWAYS paired up with ODA!? I mean, what the hell!?”

O: “Oh? Aren’t we friends?”

A: “Uuuugh, we’re co-workers, at BEST, miss-Diva!”

O: “I’ll show you.”
(perfect cap is perfect)

*everyone dies from how amazing she is*


I’ve become a bit of an Oda fangurl in the past few years. Yes, it’s partly because her voice is undeniably one of the best in H!P, comparable only to Suzuki Airi. And yes, I think she’s gorgeous. I think what I love most is the way she’s embraced her roles within Momusu.

She has a ‘rivalry’, or perhaps just a one-sided antagonism, with Ayumin (the only reason for this I’ve ever uncovered is that ‘they don’t match well’) and she’s frequently left on her own whether by chance or because everybody is teasing her. Let’s not forget that every single year, somebody manages to hit her in the face with a dodge-ball.

The thing is, she’s taken to those things like a pro. In the OG days, members understood that being bullied could be a great strength, especially if you had the singing chops (Yasuda much?). The more bullied you are, the more screen-time you get and the more well-known you are. Certainly, Oda is known for her singing, and rightly so, but she’s also become that bullied character/loner. And I think her decision to take on a “sexy”role when performing actually worked out for her. She has the same effortless grace and sensuality that Fukuhime pretends not to notice in herself.

F: “Ieyaaa, I’m not like that.”

Yeah, nobody believes that.

There’s no mercy unless we keep Fukuhime’s, uh, PERSONALITY, secret.

…Ogata doesn’t really show up much.

As always, she’s diligently dancing in the background, being nearly invisible, despite this being her last single. Don’t despair though. Her generation gets their moment in the next single. This single may be dominated by Nonaka’s derp, Akane’s passive-aggressive cuteness, and Makino’s tummeh-

But Ogata gets some close-ups here. And a whole line all to herself in the next one. Some members are just more support than main attractions, ne? No disrespect, but based upon the graduation messages from the members (and my own observations), Ogata seems similar to Mitsui (the infamous, much maligned, unsung hero of Platium Generation) in that both girls were hard-working and although they didn’t stand out much in singles, their presence gave strength to the group, or supported the girls behind the scenes.

Not very flashy, but very much essential.

Let’s wrap this up with some more random caps, shall we?

Depending on how big the invisible-sandwich is, the way one holds it is different. You can hold it aloft, or start tipping sideways because it’s so packed with invisible ingredients-

Chisaki basks in how cute she thinks she is, while choreography continues all around her.
Hey, as long as she’s having fun…

This pic needs a fractal for a background. Because Oda is a philosopher.

It’s two thumbs down; not two fingers down.
(I know, but it doesn’t look like A either!)

Fukuhime straight-up eats her invisible sandwich. She’s been carrying it around, after all.

There’s so much fail, it’s a win.

Akane just farted.

Akane is trapped in the choreography!
(Also, perfect cap is perfect)

Everyone presents their invisible-sandwiches, and most decide it’s a good time for some egg-layin’.

Ogata is already done with this shot.
O: “Can I have my invisible-sandwich back?”

Now Fukuhime AND Makino farted. Masaki-kins is NOT impressed!

Two things: Eri-pon and TUMMEH (S)!

I love this shot. It reminds me of the factory setting of Roman My Dear Boy; the same aggression with more colour.

Next up: Are you Happy?

Yes. Yes I am.

I’m GONNA admit that while this one is interesting, and has been growing on me, it’s probably not GONNA be a favourite of mine.

Am I GONNA listen to it?
Probably not GONNA listen to it as much as the other A side…


Ok, I’m done.


One thought on “In Which Momusu Thugs about in Long Skirts

  1. Every time Johnson shows up in a performance, every moment she is on screen doing her weird performance thing is a joy, and Honey is kind of the same thing. I mean, there’s no way she didn’t deliberately choose to be the oldest member of the group yet wearing friggin’ twintails in this, hah.

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