In Which Isilie Weighs in on Koharu’s Ramblings


Yeah, I said ramblings because I really don’t think she thought any of it through, in any way, at all.

If you want to read a transcript of Koharu’s comments regarding Momusu and so on, it’s here. PLEASE read that before you comment about any of it. It’s fairly long, but worth a look, especially if you like her and this news and “controversy” is upsetting you.

People need to stop talking about how “shocked” they are that people are taking this seriously.
Of course they are. It’s Koharu. People care what she says and it’s hard for them when what she says sounds bad. Bad as in: “Momusu was just there for me to get to modelling, the other girls feel this way, I want female fans because I’m sick of trying to appeal to male fans, I never noticed how hard Shige worked to take care of me” and so on. At least that is one reading of what she said.

Is it that bad?

Read the translation first.


Read it?

I’ll ask again: is it that bad? I think it depends on what you’re looking for: if you don’t like her, you’re looking for rudeness and insults. If you love her, you’re dismissing everything as “not that bad” or “just how she is”. I’ve never been a fan, but I don’t feel a strong emotional response to her either way even when she tries to sing (although, I will never like her singing. Don’t try to argue with me on that, ok?). Let me weigh in here.

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Something else That Made me Happy…

…That I didn’t get to write about last year is THIS:

Berryz had that fabulous single Cha Cha Sing last year, right? Well I don’t know why they did it, but one version of the pv has a Berryz flash mob. They walk out onto a street and just start dancing. And everyone eventually starts dancing along. I think flash-mob is the phrase I want, anyway. Did this happen in the original version of the song? It definitely feels like that kind of song.

When I saw this, I can’t even describe how happy I was. I don’t even know why. Seeing the girls outside of the studio (I assume), seeing regular people getting caught up in the song (assuming they aren’t just paid extras – either way, it looked really fun), the fact that the song is awesome-?

I just know that I would totally dance if a Berryz flash-mob ever happened in my city.

Would love to see more of these.


Help Me aka Youthful Momusu Amps it Up

Let’s start 2013 off right: with a new Momusu pv!!!


Help me (geddit?) out here guys, didn’t they do the whole light-explosion-neon-city-seizure-sparkle-fun-time thing in Takahashi’s grad single? You remember: those golden spots in your vision and bounce in your step from that song with the title that takes forever to say? Something about truly wishing for peace (or maybe just some sunglasses)? At least this title is easy to remember and it echoes that spectacular single ‘Resonant Blue’. H!P has a pretty long history with green screen pvs too (see Love Machine; Chokotto Love; basically any Mini Moni pv; more recently the aforementioned Momusu sparkle-fun-time-bombinabriefcase-peace-wishing single).

So, I waited until the FULL REAL pv was out (*glares at previous single*) and capped a copy with pretty bad quality because I’m sick of being so bloody late with these reviews (and 2013 is all about posting more). If only I got paid to do this…

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