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In Which Isilie Reviews ~~~ NEW BLOG!!!

I’ve been working on this other site for awhile. Right now there is only four or so posts, only one of which is long, but I would love it if you’d check it out. It’s a non-H!P related blog, so expect Arashi. I broke down because there are so many things I wanted to write about that weren’t H!P related. More posts are coming. I’m excited.

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In which Kikkawa Yuu wins Isilie over

[RANDOM SELF- PROMOTION: I’ve opened my other-non-H!P blog. Please check it out (also on the blogroll).]

I confess, ever since Mano Erina, I’ve been rather skeptical when it comes to H!P soloists. When I say ‘soloists’, I’m talking more about those who debuted on their own, rather than came from a group. They’ve had very few of these.

They mined the Momusu auditions (and to a lesser extent, the Eggs) for solo material, which was some times successful. I believe that is where Fujimoto came from, for instance. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they’ve really only done a soloist audition once. We got power-houses Matsuura and Mikitty and then the under-appreciated Maeda Yuuki. Then there was Mano, fresh from her short stint in Ongaku Gatas. And before that, Koharu, during her anime/Momusu tenure. It seemed like the standard went down to just “marketable cuties”, rather than powerhouse vocals with charm to match.

Well, now we have Kikkawa Yuu.

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Tsunku you ol’ rascal!

I love these Momusu related announcements Tsunku likes to make in the middle of concerts. He always looks so smug, like he can barely restrain his glee. You can tell he is picturing us all leaning forward in anticipation, beads of sweat glistening, hands clenched in nervous fists… then he finally, finally gets to the point.

10th Gen Morning Musume auditions…like a MINUTE after the ninth gen was chosen.

You know what, Tsunku? BRING IT ON!!!

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