Pic Spam: Because I feel like it

I chose this pic as an opening one partly because Mari is always win, but also because I love the fact that she was in a magazine actually titled, ‘Bros’.

She’s still my hero…

Anyway, one of the reasons I love my blog so much is that it is an outlet for my entirely random sense of humour. And since H!P pics are a goldmine for parody, I always have way too many great shots that exercise the caption part of my brain.

I wonder if anyone still enjoys these?

If you remember my post on Onna ni Medatte Naze Ikenai (how does one shorten that title?), I decided to give some of the couples my own nicknames.

For some reason, I really like these nicknames. And now I really like random couplings.

H!P is a place for couples after all.

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Isilie Rankings 2010

So check out Hello!Blog and the nifty poll that happens each year. I don’t know why I do these. Honestly, it’s impossible to rank these girls/groups without massive anxiety. I have trouble declaring things to be my favourite, because I never know when it will change.

Except how much I adore Yossy. She’d have to do something pretty horrible for me to even start to dislike her. I can say she’s my favourite former-Musume and feel good about that.

But then there is the (not so) small matter of Nacchi and how giddy happy she makes me.


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