In Which Isilie is Perplexed by the Future

Now I admit that I have defended basically every piece of H!P music that I have encountered on this blog. I honestly like most of what H!P has put out in the last few years. If not an immediate love affair, at least by now whatever the song, it will have grown on me or found a place in my daily playlist. This is why I call my blog ‘itsumo genki’. I tend to be quite a genki sort of woman, despite my rantage and complete glee in adding ‘bitches’ to the end of any sentence…bitches.

However, the problem I’m having with my own habit of giving absolutely everything a fair chance is that the damn H!P kids, who are growing up into even more frightening specimens of cracked-out-kawaii-ness, are starting to actually get good.


Given the recent news of the entire Elder’s club being unceremoniously given the boot?
This is damn freaking disturbing to me!!

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