Giving Tsunku his Due

5564-xzbs1g3z1dBy now everybody in this fandom is aware that Tsunku has cancer and is undergoing treatment. Honestly, other than to use him as an ill-advised scape-goat (a bit of blogging laziness on my part), I don’t really think about Tsunku. And now I am.

When I heard about his illness, it was another one of those moments in my life where I simply couldn’t believe it. I think I’ll always feel about cancer the way I felt about it when it affected my life for the first time: it’s unreal.

So what happens if Tsunku isn’t able to continue H!P? I keep thinking about this and about whether or not he’ll lose his voice.

And the fact that he’s got two young children, who probably have no idea what this means.

*Disclaimer: This is a bit stream-of-consciousness. Don’t know what I was going for here, just wanted to talk about it.

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