Strangely Torn

4819223_bigthumbStrangely, I’m not happy about this.
I’d describe it as rather a sinking feeling.

I’ve never hated Koharu, or as I’ve dubbed her forever ‘nut-job’. I don’t hate any of the H!P girls, even Winky who annoys the living hell out of me. I’ve just never been a fan of hers. I’ve never really thought she could sing very well, if at all, and I couldn’t stand any of her solo ventures. With all the crack-tastic concert behaviour, you’d think she would have become endearing to me, but not really, no.

This picture reminds me of her early days when she was simply adorable; those were the days when she’d sit on Yossy’s knee and piss off Miki with her excited bouncy innocence. Obviously, any idol has to grow up, but I never got as attached to her Kira….rin(???) persona.

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Pic Spam: Grope-y, Grope-y o_0

img20070129170656Alright, my frisky kittens, from what I can observe in my stats here at Itsumo Genki, a great deal of what people search for is ‘jailbait’ and other such nonsense when they happen to find this place. While that is hilarious, if not terribly sad, that is not exactly what this place is about.

But since I’m feeling indulgent and a little bit frisky myself, I’ve decided to just give in to the maniacs out there who love this stuff (cause who doesn’t, let’s be honest here) and devote an entire pic spam to the dirty, dirty moments we get from those grope-y rascals in H!P.

Starting with Bunny-Ishikawa’s tush here.

Got a good look?

Ok. On we go.

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Gush~Gush~~ Momusu Dancing prt.3


So we’ve reached the final installment (for the singles anyway) of my dance series.

[Part One]
[Part Two]

As I’ve mentioned, capping these old pvs is a real delight. And since we’re moving backwards here, I think towards the beginning of Momusu’s career, the dancing becomes just a fun addition to an already wonderful pv. Case and point: every single song I’ll be talking about in this post. With their member change-ups the image always evolved, but once they settled on optimistic-genki the trend continued for quite awhile, giving us some of the funnest (yes, I said funnest) and most addictive songs in their history.vlcsnap-06209

Admittedly, since their older pvs focused more on (gasp!) a plot or a bunch of hilarious randomness from the girls, the dances aren’t so heavily featured. So if this reads more like pv reviews, you’ll have to excuse me. As with “Joshi…”, really any cap is gold.

So on we go.

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Gush~Gush~~ Momusu Dancing prt.2


So we arrive at part two of my cap-fest regarding Morning Musume’s dances (part one is here). I loved watching these pvs again. This dancing thing began as a top ten and then morphed into a gushing fest, but now it’s gone on to have two parts because there is too much that is completely awesome about Momusu dancing. These routines have been done so often that you forget how awesome they actually are. When you rewatch the old pvs and see them dancing their hearts out for (arguably) the first time, you get the coreography at its freshest. I’ve never seen some of these done better than in those original dance-shot moments. That’s why I am a fan of the dance pvs and I don’t mind a lack of close-ups. One thing I discovered in my capping frenzy is that you don’t need a whole lot of set to do something amazing with a pv you just need good editing, a couple costumes and girls who don’t take themselves too seriously.

I love this group…

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