Yaguchi is still my hero.

img20090225054522444Go here. Watch her perform for what she says is the “first time in four years”.

I would have given her a standing ovation too.

And yes, got a little teary.

That song, this ‘Seishun Boku’ thing? It’s Mari. You can tell in the first minute it’s completley her song. I cannot wait to buy the single.

Kyyaaaaaa, I love Yaguchi!!



I want that hat. And to be Yaguchi.


Tsunku’s Insanity Series: 3rd Edition – They Shuffle no More

helloprojectshuffleunitsz8I realize that while we fans may wish to elevate the musical exploits of our idols into creative fits of genius, inevitably we come to the conclusion that most of it, if not all of it, is done exclusively to make money. And hey, it makes sense. Can’t fault logic that says, “if no one’s buying you can’t sell.” Everyone has to make a living…etc. You know the old capitalist drill.

HOWEVER: I think it was a huge mistake to stop with the annual shuffle units.

Tsunku is a brilliant man, albeit freakin nuts. I don’t deny this. But as I’ve said before and will say again, he’s my best scapegoat. So off I go again.

Tsunku, what the hell were you thinking?

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In Which Isilie just gives in

Those pesky, Hello Project kids…I didn’t want to do this, because I have other posts that I’m looking forward to, but those aren’t ready yet. And in the interest of writing something [because I’m so congested that sleep is impossible] I’ve decided to post about Berryz Koubou…’s new single.


Dakishimete x2…

*sigh* I knew I’d end up doing this.

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Pic Spam! If that don’t…


 I’ve decided to post a pic spam because I want to post badly. I cannot get my head around the recent graduation of the Elder club…frankly, I’m still sad about it. So this is to distract me until I can gather my thoughts about it.

And I’ve found a bunch of pics that I just think are awesome.

Such as this one.

 Now if this one of Kei and her protegee don’t make you happy, but slightly bewildered, I’m not sure what will.

And welcome to my hastily decided theme. Indulge me?

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