In Which Isilie Explains her whole Reina thing

Yes. I’m posting about ol’ Winky here at the risk of life and limb.

Believe it or not this whole post has been brought on simply by her changing that damn hairstyle at LAST. Why do I care what her hair looks like? Well, why do any of us care what any of these girls do? Her outward image is all I will ever know of her and if that image annoys me, then it will be that much harder to win me over.

Make sense?

I think I should clarify myself a little bit here – don’t hate Reina the person. I don’t know her. Can you honestly hate someone you don’t know? What I don’t like is her concert performances or her idol persona. I don’t like the way she presents herself and I almost resent how much she takes it easy during concerts. Her voice can sound, a great deal of the time, like squirrels wrestling to get out of a bouncy-castle. Forget the side-fro, there is almost always too many accessories on this chick. Maybe that’s why she forgets to dance and spends a lot of time just pointing the mic at the audience…

Someone once accused me of hating her because she gets lots of lines. This person didn’t actually read my post. He or she just reacted to me saying that Reina needs to leave. Thing is, I never even mentioned how many lines she gets. Even I can’t dispute that she’s the strongest singer Momusu has right now. There is a reason she gets all the lines. Never gonna argue with that.

Let me explain how I feel about Winky once and for all, just to clear things up (and maybe come to some conclusions myself).

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