Ogawa Saki graduates.

Oh, the one  from S/mileage who reminds me of Kanna?

She’s leaving?


The audtions make a hell of a lot more sense now.

So she wants to be “normal” again, eh? That makes a hell of a lot of sense. Some girls just don’t want to be idols forever and she is quite young.

It seems she struggled over this decision but ultimately it is hers. She decided and she followed through on that, despite the pressure to continue and the disappointment that it will generate.Hope for the best for her!

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Mini-PicSpam: Reconquista prt2

If there was ever a moment I thought, “Man, I wish I were Ishikawa Rika,” it would be HERE:

Yes. Those are handcuffs you see.

(And I must say, you’re looking dorkily handsome there, Nakai-kun. It’s very odd seeing him so serious. I haven’t ever really seen him outside of Utaban. I keep expecting him to suddenly jump up and start yelling, while they lower chickens from the ceiling and flick the lights on and off…)

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Ai-chan the soloist-?

So, she’s suddenly (maybe) going to be a soloist???

The article from aramatheydidn’t is here. Basically, the assumption is that because of all the fuss regarding her graduation from Momusu (the Budokan, the calendar, etc), she’s probably going to end up being a soloist under the Up Front umbrella. You really thought Tsunku was going to let this little (excuse the unfortunate phrase) cash-cow go that easily? If you need convincing, let’s count the number of solo lines, solo songs, photobooks, photos in general, starring roles in plays and so on and so on…

Oh, wait, you CAN’T because there isn’t a number that the human brain can fathom that is HIGH enough to equal the amount of all those!!!!!

Ok, I’m being a BIT facetious. Still, you can’t deny that they’ve gotten a whole lot of work out of this one. I am just unsure about how a solo career would go for her.

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Pic Spam: Motivation

…Some times you just don’t have any.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes even when there are things I know I have  to do, or even things I only wanted to do, my motivation to do it just disappears.

I have several posts either half-written, waiting to be written or odd ideas tumbling around in my head. It’s been a very hot couple of weeks here. I work outside, in the heat, so I have been very worn out.

What better thing to cheer me up and give me a nice little boot-to-the-head than an H!P pic spam?

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