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Late Night Post: New Members of S/mileage

Here is your info.

My instant reaction (mainly because I feel like posting and this is the most up-to-date thing I can think of that won’t take long…because I should be in bed):



Really? Five.


These similarities just keep on coming. We’re up to nine now, are we? And we’re now split between our five (wait, there’s only four in that pic) little newbies and the seasoned, tight-knit (as far as I know) older members, who don’t really know if they want newbies anyway-

It’s not Momusu. You are fooling no one, ok? Are you going to graduate someone next? You know, cause you were always gonna?

Nacchi tastes what you’re doing – and it makes her do THAT!

I don’t know why this seems weird to me or why it annoys me. I have no idea who those girls are. I didn’t even like S/mileage’s last single. What’s going on with the Momusu auditions? I actually care about that…

Pardon me, I’m a little sleepy

EDIT: wait wait wait.

SUB members.

WHAT? So they aren’t even IN S/mileage, after all that!?

I don’t even…

I’m going to bed.


3 thoughts on “Late Night Post: New Members of S/mileage”

  1. I had liked S/mileage predebut and just after their debut. Then I stopped listening to them.

    Add on submembers then I gain interest again.
    then they release dot bikini

    byebye s/mileage

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