Ogawa Saki graduates.

Oh, the one  from S/mileage who reminds me of Kanna?

She’s leaving?


The audtions make a hell of a lot more sense now.

So she wants to be “normal” again, eh? That makes a hell of a lot of sense. Some girls just don’t want to be idols forever and she is quite young.

It seems she struggled over this decision but ultimately it is hers. She decided and she followed through on that, despite the pressure to continue and the disappointment that it will generate.Hope for the best for her!

Better info is here.

I don’t follow S/mileage that much, so I can’t really say I’m terribly affected by this. If we’re talking about H!P as a whole, it does seem like there is a whole lot of shuffling around going on and that does weird me out a bit. Lots of new blood, lots of graduations…what a crazy year it’s been. I guess after the three years of H!P led by 8/9 nin Momusu, they’re in the mood to shake things up-?

Can’t we give it a rest for a sec?

Oh and I love that Tsunku panicked so much that he suddenly had to throw together a new audition. Maybe that is why the girls are only sub-members; it was too sudden to really audition them properly. This is a way to get lots of work out of the new members, see who sells the most fits best with the group and stretch out the audition while still making money. They don’t even have to slow down because the work is now part of the audition process.

That’s actually kinda cool…


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