Ayu-Ri, Ikemen, and dancing, oh my!


What isn’t to love about Momusu’s Kimi wa Kawari wa Iyashinaide pv? Let’s not complain about how we’ve seen green-screen before because we should be used to that by now. I haven’t seen a pv with an actual story or concept since maybe The Manpower (Ogawa taking a big bite of pumpkin is awesome. Who wouldn’t choose pumpkin over celery?). We’ve seen everything in this pv before. The choreography is a mix of the jumps and flails and lurches we’ve already seen and the song is robo-musume to the core with that one dipping note that’s in every song (“SOooooOH!).

I’ve still enjoyed them all. This one didn’t even register as more-of-the-same because it’s so awesome. One could argue that I’m just used to it now, but that would be grumpy of you and we’re having a GENKI 2014 dammit!

I said I didn’t have time to pic-spam anymore (and I really don’t), but I still found myself capping away because I love this song and pv so much. I really hope this triple-a-side thing works out well for them.

I’d get the single for this song alone.

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~*~In Which Isilie Reviews 2013 ~*~

Hello_Project-431513Let’s take a look at an almost exclusively Momusu year, here at Itsumo Genki.

I didn’t post as much as I wanted, that is true, but I did manage to do one post a day for a week (Alo-Hello Week!) as a personal challenge. I decided to try and contribute to Sora to Kujira. This is a commitment for the new year and a new challenge. I’m so nervous and grateful!!

I decided to do Isilie Returns, posts consisting of things that I wanted to talk about but didn’t really have a whole post about which made me more concise and took some of the pressure off.

The happy event of Tanaka Reina (or Winky as she’s known here) FINALLY graduating happened in 2013 to much fanfare and happiness (on my part, anyway). I’d been waiting and waiting for that and let me tell you, the relief when she was no longer in the single and I got to hear Fukuhime and Masaki and FINALLY Sakura…man, so happy. SO happy!

Berryz and C-ute went to Budokan…which I didn’t really investigate, but still, YAY! S/mileage finally made me like a single enough to listen to it more than once. And then there is Juice = Juice.

This might be longer than I thought.

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Happy New Year!

Hello_Project-431518Just as I thought – I didn’t make it in time for a full year-end post – at least not before the actual new year begins.

You know what? That’s ok. Because I want this year to end. I want to start over again.

I started this year with good intentions – I had a lot more time to write and I vowed to post more.

That didn’t happen.

Real life happened instead. I’d switched jobs and while that was exciting, it was also the scariest decision I’ve made in a long time. Friendships were changed or almost lost forever, I worried myself sick over many things and felt depressed about many others. Beyond the emotions though, I had the very practical problem of not getting enough hours anymore. This led to some rude awakenings, one being I had little time and little desire for blogging.

I got the hours, but lost my motivation.

As always though, Bro was the gentle persistent voice beside me, asking me if I was working on any posts and reminding me of new concerts or DVD magazines I needed to see. When we’d watch something it would stir my desire to post again.

He still reads this, you see. He’s also very patient with my tendency to read over his shoulder.
For most of what I wrote here in 2013, you can probably thank him. I certainly do.

No more excuses. 2013 is over.

It’s been a wonderful year for H!P, just not a wonderful year for Isilie.

Don’t worry though. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not ready to end it yet.

I’ll see you in 2014.

Everybody celebrate tonight! HAPPY NEW YEAR!