Ah, the Transition Phase: Momusu 15’s Triple A-side is all Business


I have a theory about the singles that come directly after a massive group change, like say, the exit of a long-time veteran (CHAYUUUUUU!!) and the entrance of newbies finding their feet. Remember singles like Only you? Onna ni Medatte Naze Ikanai? Chokkan 2? Onna ni Sachi Are?

Of course you don’t. Why? Because, despite some of them being favourites of mine (I liked Platinum Gen, ok?), they weren’t really that memorable. Not bad singles, necessarily, but not stand-out, this-is-the-beginning-of-something singles like One Two Three, or Resonant Blue.

Whenever this group changes in a major sense, we get at least one or two singles in which Tsunku/the company tries to figure out how to incorporate the squeaky new kids into an existing formula, or maybe throws something new into the mix. Obviously your mileage may vary on how memorable these singles are but for me these are the kinds of singles I forget exist. It’s not like it’s unpleasant to rediscover them, but I wouldn’t necessarily think of them when I’m thinking about Morning Musume singles of note.

In 58 singles there are going to be a few duds. I don’t hate any of Momusu’s singles, but even I can admit that a few seem lacking in some way. It’s like they’re teetering on the edge of being good, but something is off, whether it’s the jarring absence of a member you loved, or the awkwardness of new members figuring out how to lip-synch. And this is how I feel about this triple-A side.

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Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!!!

YOSSY!!! My first girl-crush and the best of H!P (no one has surpassed you in my heart, Yossy, no one), HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

(Gifs aren’t mine; found on random tumblr searches)


Yossy and a puppy. What more could one ask for?

Incidentally, I also turn a year older today. >_<
Thrilled as always to have the same birthday as my Yossy…

But let’s not talk about how old I am. Let’s talk about Yossy.