The Isilie-Nickname Guide

I’ve decided to just get it over with and rather than slowly filtering in all the nicknames I have for the lovely girls of H!P, I’m just going to list them in this entry. This is a lot easier than explaining  the origin of a random nickname or character trait that I’ve given to a particular girl when I’m writing about something totally different. You are probably already familiar with nicknames like Nutjob (Kusumi Koharu) or Winky (Tanaka Reina) if you’ve read my blog at all. Well there are more, I just haven’t had a chance to use them all.

Admittedly, I don’t have a particular thing for every single girl, but this way, when I do, I can add it in. And I can start using nicknames rather than looking up the name each time. YAY for self-indulgence and cabin fever! I decided to do this partly because I’m stuck inside on a rainy day-off, but also because I recently milked my ‘Risako-sucks-diamonds’ inside-joke for a Berryz pv picspam. I didn’t explain that one at all.

Confused and a little outraged? Yeah, that feeling will probably last a little while longer if you keep on reading. Look at this lovely pic of Berryz at the aquarium to calm you down.

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Pic Spam: Sometimes…

I have to admit: this pic spam is entirely my brother’s fault. Capping affects us in different ways. My capping is way less focused than my brother’s. He tends to zero in on perfect moments, the kind that I find by accident.There is a pic he found the other day that is absolutely awesome and made me want to do this pic spam.

Besides that, I have a bunch ready to go anyway.

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In Which Berryz pwns Isilie…prt1

I told you. This would be the year when I featured Berryz the way I feature Momusu.

This new double-a side is all kinds of pwn. And yes, it’s annoying me, but I have to give in to it. I capped so much…I love the song so much. This is only part one of my surrender.

I’m new to being a Berryz fan, so bear with me. I make fun of what I love. It’s just my way.

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