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Pic Spam: Sometimes…

I have to admit: this pic spam is entirely my brother’s fault. Capping affects us in different ways. My capping is way less focused than my brother’s. He tends to zero in on perfect moments, the kind that I find by accident.There is a pic he found the other day that is absolutely awesome and made me want to do this pic spam.

Besides that, I have a bunch ready to go anyway.

That pic of Mame pwning her butt off in ‘Itoshii Tomo he’ is something I found. That face is priceless…and so adorable. What is that expression exactly?

Well, we all know what this  next expression says:


Doesn’t that just sum it up?

Kamei and Linlin would like to announce their nuptials.
L: “Look at the size of this ring!!”
K: “Nothing but the best for my girl!”

JunRi. Gorgeous personified. Twice. Risa is still pwned.

Sometimes, you just have to pedal faster.
Yossy: (thinking) “Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh.”

Sometimes, you just gotta have a bite of that giant invisible sandwich.

But sometimes, it’s gotta be those invisible mini-quiches.
Miki: “Why does mine taste like microphone?”

Sometimes, you probably shouldn’t bend over.


Shige: “Ah! Hey, why’d Reina kick me?!”

Because it’s time for REINA ASS!!

…Sometimes, you REALLY shouldn’t bend over.



Wait, it seems Winky has something to say to me.

Can’t argue with that.

Sometimes, no matter how nice a body you’ve got, swimsuits are just perplexing.

Sometimes, Yossy hangs out with odd folk.
(That is a llama, right? It’s also a supreme wtf.)

Sometimes, you’re too cute to sell gangsta.
But damn I love this outfit…MORE REAL HATS!!

Sometimes, YOU’RE TOO YOUNG!

Sometimes, the costume department just gives up…and you know what, so do you.
Hagiwara: “SCREW EM! I don’t need this crap – I could be at the school festival right now, catchin’ me some goldfish-”

Sometimes, you’re just too HARDCORE-AWESOME-HAPPY to keep your mouth closed.

Sometimes, so are your fellow members.

Or sometimes, they’re just plain sloshed.

T: “I’m toooooootally gone.”
M: “Bwahahaha-hahaha-AHHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Sometimes, you have to wonder why it tickles when whipped-cream and feathers start billowing from your head…

R: “Hey, seriously, what the hell is with this bathing suit?? I’m so confused.”

We all are, Risako. But don’t worry. You’ll be happier when you get a pretty red dress, right?

R: “Tsch. No diamonds, anywhere.”

Sometimes, there’s just no pleasing people…


Sometimes, beer is epic.

Sometimes, only a knife will say it.
Let no one say Nacchi can’t be scary as hell.

Although, I think Rika’s got that pretty much covered.
M: “Please. Help. Me.”

Sometimes, you just have to close your eyes and pretend you don’t know a thing.

The Couples-Fanfic-Pic. This cap inspired a pic spam simply because it’s got the three most frequently coupled/triangled members all looking a little suspect. Miki looks pissed, Rika looks deep in thought and Yossy is pouting boyishly about one thing or another.

Take whatever coupling you want between these three, but Takahashi DOESN’T WANT TO KNOW.


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