Pic Spam: The Important Points

There are some things that for one reason or another, I’ve not covered on this blog. You know how that happens. You say, “ok, I’ll blog about this after I do these five other things” and next thing you know it’s five months later and you’re wondering, “what is it that I’ve forgotten-OH CRAP!”

Well…that might just be me.

Since it’s (pretty much) a DAY until I leave for Japan ( XD ), I can’t concentrate on much of anything for more than five minutes (unless it’s Mizushima Hiro with no shirt – I’m not made of stone: HANA KIMI FTW!). But there are a few things we need to cover before I go.

The first being Yossy. In FISHNETS!!!

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Pic Spam: 5 Days ’till Japan

That’s right folks – Isilie is going to Japan! WOOOOO!!!

*happy dance*

So, I am off work and full of energy and anticipation. I won’t get to see any concerts from H!P OR Arashi, but at least I can fangurl to my hearts content while actually being able to PURCHASE things. And eat amazing food.

So, SO excited.

Anyway, let’s get from my life and get to some pic spamming.

I thought I’d start with Niigaki and her shameless photobook pimping, here. She has always had that game-show-host/used-car-salesman smile. And hey, it works, cause I WANT THAT PHOTOBOOK!

And here we go.

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In Which Isilie Muses some More…

Morning Musume is really beautiful.

I was watching the pv for Onna ni Medatte (etc) and just thinking, ‘wow, even with the hideous tutus…they’re all just beautiful’.

I get all mushy and nostalgic when I think about this group though. The title of my blog describes my personality very well – except add a bit of sarcasm and the occasional rant. I tend to laugh my way through life, because I can see the humour in just about any situation. I don’t get all teary and emotional very often. I’m usually the one laughing at the teary ones and making them smile again. I only get teary when I am talking about or thinking about something, or someone, that I truly love.

And I truly love this group. So I’m thinking about how it’s going to be split even further apart after (five, four?) years of the same line-up and getting a little sad. I was never the biggest fan of Eri, although JunLin grew on me very fast. Koharu’s grad just seemed right some how, sad though it was. Even with this, I can see the good things about the grad and why it is better to do it sooner than later.

I guess it is the fact that three are going at once. That’s never happened before. Tsunku likes to make history in the weirdest ways, eh?

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