Welcome Oda Sakura (and other stuff)!!

I was going to say 11th gen, but since it’s only one person (*grits teeth*) I guess I’ll just go with the name.

Ok…trying to think of something that hasn’t already been said…and can’t, really.

Too fast. Yep. Where was the training camp? Why bother announcing anyone else if the next minute you’ll just announce the winner anyway? It’s like it all happened in secret and now that One.Two.Three’s promotion has bankrupted the company we can distract people with this!

Great voice, although I wish people would take more of a middle ground about it. It’s always either “she’s amazing” or “she’s nothing special”. She’s good for someone who isn’t fully trained and isn’t at the Momusu level yet. Your mileage may vary on what that level IS (lots of articles about how they suck happening at the moment), but I think we can all agree that she’s not as polished as the others (BUT NOT TOO BAD). Kay? She’s a kid. Calm yourself.

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Momusu’s dance rehearsal of the new single. It’s not going to shock anybody when I say that I LOVE THIS! The chorus has a lot of punch, the dance is really interesting and energetic and everybody gets a line, even if it’s auto-tuned and layered with creepy-Tsunku-Robot.

You get a couple seconds each, you non-WinkyAce-s. A couple syllables to make yourself known and get yourself noticed.

Use em.

Cannot wait for the pv and the real costumes.

PS: The Zuk is dancin in da front!!!!! Look at her go!