In Which Berryz Pwns Isilie prt.2 – WAO!

Ok, now this monster of a pic-spam/pv review is NOT my fault. It’s definitely the fault of their cracked-out, seizure inducing song Okakebi Boy WAO! The faces they make…that dance…the crazy…

With caps like this, I cannot be responsible for the nonsense I come up with.

First: I like the song because it’s so fierce. I don’t just mean the lower registers, or the constant ‘WAO’ that always seems just a little bit louder than any of the other vocals. I mean because it’s what H!P does best: pop that doesn’t care what you think. Mini Moni was like that. Yes, they were catering to a younger demographic, but it doesn’t change the fact that their songs were catchy and insane pop that burrowed its way into your subconscious forever.

TRY not singing along to Mini Moni Jankenpyon. I dare you.

I’m not saying this style is the same one as Mini Moni. Of course not. But just like Kimagure Princess was wacky and tongue in cheek ‘just ’cause’ this song is all about pop and the girls seem as delighted as (I assume) we are. It’s catchy, it’s loud and it’s unapologetically nuts. The ‘WAO’ line can grate after awhile, but pop should always be taken in small doses.

I always love a song that has the girls going for a lower tone. I love how it fades in and how that first ‘WAO’ sorta hits you between the eyes. The costumes are…very pink-?

Talking to H!P about their costumes choices is rather pointless. Like stopping an oncoming train with a pillow. They will probably always make choices that make me confused.

I do like the visors.

Berryz, man. Have they always been so weird?

The dance:

Am I the only one giggling when this happens?

This moment however has created some of the greatest faces ever. Particularly from Chinami.

As far as I can tell, the story is that Berryz are trapped in some insane lightning world that gives them super powers but also is blinding them over and over with said lightning.

Not one diamond for Risako.

Momo is hungry and she’s promised not to eat her fellow members.

Captain is worried. Everyone’s acting funny. And her head feels a bit funny too.


“Duuuude! You’re making lightning!!”

M: “Anybody get roasted? I promise I won’t eat too much-”

Maasa’s hardcore lightning PUNCH!!

M: *dodges* “Ok! Geez!!”

Giant Kumai is not impressed. I mean look at HER lightning punch!

Yelling over the explosion:
R: “How does this help us!?”
K: “Did you see how far that went??”

R: “Go do something useful!”
K: “Right I effin’ WILL, bitches!”

K: “I gave my magic sour candy to Chinami!”
C: “Zuuuuuu…”

Chinami is in a different place now.

Oatbag is feeling a little warmer than the rest of them.

M: “Wait – there’s fucking burning TREE back there! Can’t one of you put it out??”

R: “This problem can only be solved with RISAKO Lightning!”

…Alas, without the diamonds, her aim is off.

M: “WAO!”
C:”Dude, SO not cool.”

K: “Maybe you should stop it with the lightning?”

K: “WAO!”

R: “Betta recognize!”

M: “That’s NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!”

M: “Don’t make me retaliate!”


M: “WAO!”
C: “How’d you get away from the tree??”

R: “Zuuuuu…”

M: “Ok, for sure I can eat Chinami now, right?”

M: “What the hell is wrong with you?”
C: “Can’t you focus on all the crazy stuff happening here??”

Chinami has awoken from the other place…just as Momo zeroes in on her liver.

Everyone: “WAO!”

Momo is suddenly running somewhere else.

M: “Hey I like this place! I AM SO AWESOME HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!”



Captain wonders what will become of them all.

Momo is just getting hungrier.

R: “I’ve had enough of this place and all this lightning crap.”


Risako takes matters into her own hands.

M: “Wait, wait. You tried this before! Can you at least let me get out of here again?”

R: “It is too late, young Oatbag. I MUST EXPLODE THE SUN!”


M: “Ugh. Well that’s just great.”


Everyone: “Duuuuuude.”

R: “See? Some times Risako lightning exploding the sun is a GOOD idea.”

Everyone: “We can see our hands again!!”

M: “Well, you know what that means.”

K + C: *gulp*

M: “Why can your lightning bring back the atmosphere, but NOT GET RID OF THIS TREE!!?”

M: “That’s it. We’re still stuck here and I blame YOU!!”

R: “Speak up!”
C: “I think I’m tripping out again…”

They have another problem now…the WIND!!

Hopefully Risako lightning will solve all the problems though…


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