Just a few more Thoughts…

<— Zukki and Miss Daishi. I’m probably drop that and end up calling her Ayumin. These two are my favourites right now in Momusu. Da Zuk is so pretty!!! XD

Well, Reina is finally (FINALLY) graduating and while most people are sad about it, I am, of course…not. I AM SUPERAWESOMEMAASASTYLEHAPPYPANTS!!!!!!!


But despite the happy, I can’t deny that this is one of those moments, like when Takahashi left, when it feels like an era is ending. I forget that Winky has been winking for nine years now. I grit my teeth when I write this, but even I must admit that she’s been integral to the group. Even if I can’t think of how, many people fell in love with her over the years. With Momusu going into their fifteenth year (!!!), they seem to already be cementing this vocaloid-y, techno-ish new sound. How will they move forward!!? I have some things I’ve been thinking about.

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I called it, didn’t I?

The moment I read about her little BAND adventure, I said, after I’d stopped laughing really loudly, that this was probably her avenue to GTFO of Morning Musume. FINALLY.

Lo and Behold: we have band members and we have a grad announcement.

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