Just a few more Thoughts…

<— Zukki and Miss Daishi. I’m probably drop that and end up calling her Ayumin. These two are my favourites right now in Momusu. Da Zuk is so pretty!!! XD

Well, Reina is finally (FINALLY) graduating and while most people are sad about it, I am, of course…not. I AM SUPERAWESOMEMAASASTYLEHAPPYPANTS!!!!!!!


But despite the happy, I can’t deny that this is one of those moments, like when Takahashi left, when it feels like an era is ending. I forget that Winky has been winking for nine years now. I grit my teeth when I write this, but even I must admit that she’s been integral to the group. Even if I can’t think of how, many people fell in love with her over the years. With Momusu going into their fifteenth year (!!!), they seem to already be cementing this vocaloid-y, techno-ish new sound. How will they move forward!!? I have some things I’ve been thinking about.

There is honestly nothing to worry about guys.

If you’re worried about Tsunku pushing Oda Sakura and Ace and no one else – remember these important things:

Both these girls can sing. Riho is also a good dancer. Oda can handle more lines and considering how she changed her voice to mimic Fujimoto’s in her audition (for example), I sense versatility that Tsunku can really take advantage of.

Shige is still around and demands lines.
On TV and I’m sure elsewhere. Can you say ‘no’ to that face?
Besides they finally know exactly how use that voice and the exact kind of song she can pull off (see all her album-solos since ‘It’s You’).

Masaki-kins has perfect pitch.
And she gives off a HUGE Aibon vibe. Tsunku is seriously going to pass that up?

Haruka Boss will NOT BE IGNORED for much longer.
Tsuji-fangs + Fujimoto-attitude. Lethal combo, much?

Zukki may not get featured that much, but she has proven herself vocally, so she’s ready if the opportunity presents itself. That and I think she’s one of those members who leads others without really trying, whether it’s getting them to talk or getting them to laugh and putting them at ease. In variety situations, she’s got it made in the shade, dudes. Don’t underestimate da Zuk!

Ayumin can DANCE! And she just keeps gettin’ more SEXEH!
Not to mention she has her own meme courtesy of Chiima and Nia.

Eri-pon and Fuku-hime? Big time H!P wota. And that is a GOOD THING!
Honestly, they love H!P (or maybe just Niigaki) as much as we do. How is that a bad thing? How is that “creepy”? How can that possibly alienate you? Love like that is one of the main things that is going to propel them forward and make them better members. After all, if you love what you are a part of, don’t you want to make it better? To surpass those that helped create it?


Eri-pon has that wonderful thing called a “gap”. She can be totally dorky, KY, wota-gurl one moment and then turn around and be gorgeous.

Fukuhime is just plain hawt. And LOVELY!
Tell me she isn’t being groomed to lead and to get more lines in singles. I won’t believe you.

Iikubo Haruna is getting better and better. And slightly creepier. Along with the sexeh.
Seriously. She’s kinda nuts, but we love it, whether she’s honey, chocolate or blue-raspberry.

I think right now the most recognizable member is probably Shige, but people keep saying Reina “has been the face of Momusu” since she joined.

(…Uh, wut?)

Well, whatever. Tsunku seems to agree. Top three voices, he says.

Who are the other two voices? Goto and Takahashi? Abe and Goto?

(…Really? The FACE???)

I tried to think of my top three voices in Momusu (Nacchi, Takahashi, Kamei, Niigaki, Nakazawa, Yaguchi, Linlin…).
Then my top three members in general (Yossy, Nacchi, Yaguchi, Nakazawa, basically all of the fifth generation, Kamei…).

It’s incredibly hard.

But anyway…

If you’re worried about what kind of songs they can perform since apparently NO ONE ELSE CAN HANDLE REINA’S LINES ZOMG!!!

Well, they can always dip back into their FIFTEEN years of awesome music. And I’m not talking about just older singles like Renai Revolution. They need to give those a rest. There is plenty of stuff for Oda and Ace to take care of, but what about the others, huh?

How about Koi no Dance Site with Fukuhime giving us a Sexy Beam?

How about The Peace with Ikubo doing Rika’s little monologue?

How about a little Hey Mirai? Go Girl Koi no Victory, the song that made Riho love Momusu? Tsuyoki de Yukouze, Honki de Atsui Theme Song, or Dance Suru no Da? All of those are fairly easy, in terms of vocals (and they pwn). There are many examples of past songs where everybody got at least a syllable, like Namida ni wa Shitakunai. They are still fun and awesome and should let all the girls shine. And hey, youthful stuff, right! I would LOVE to see something like Densha no Futari done with Ayumin, Riho, Iikubo, Zukki, Fukuhime…

There is a world of possibility. I’m actually surprised how many people agree that Winky does need to leave now. I thought there would be a lot more panic. Said it before and I’ll say it again: don’t underestimate the girls.

I know Tsunku tends to focus all his energies on one or two members, but remember One Two Three and how even with the absolute domination of Riho-Winky, everybody had to admit that the other members were shining anyway.

I think they will continue to.


8 thoughts on “Just a few more Thoughts…

  1. I love Reina to death and all but I don’t think the group will die without her. One member doesn’t make a group. AKB48 is still standing hella strong without Atsuko. The world isn’t going to end when Reina leaves.

    I still don’t understand why people bug out about the voices of the girls either. Most of them are under the age of 16, of course they aren’t going to be damn powerhouses. Unless they’re a Shige or Koharu, they can learn to sing and control their voices for any song. And if not, they don’t get any lines–simple as that.

    1. Or they do and they are auto-tuned into robotic perfection. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The powerhouse thing definitely takes time. It feels like people forget that even “the greats” started somewhere.

  2. I’m glad you posted that and every member because most MoMusu fans seem to forget about the other 8 (except Riho and Sakura) and how they can contribute to the group.

    I think Reina leaving is not that much worry since the auditions and picking Sakura was the main reason why they needed someone to replace Reina with. I feel like people have got to go back to a time (if there ever was one) when there was a worry over main vocalists in the group because in my opinion I have never come across it.

  3. Wow has someone actually said that Fukuchan’s (or any other idol’s) love of H!P is a bad thing? I can’t understand that. At all. If an idol is an wota herself, that’s like one of the best qualities she can possibly have.

    1. Hey you! Haven’t seen you in awhile!! And I think I read a few blogs that called it ‘creepy’. Kinda funny when you think about it. ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. Well to come think of it, a lot of casual fans call more serious fans creepy… Fukuchan is clearly not just a casual fan. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Yeah I have been so busy all year so I haven’t blogged much and I haven’t read much blogs either. But I have just prepared a song ranking post, I only need to hear one final song (the c/w to MY NEXT SELF) before I can publish it. ^^

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