I called it, didn’t I?

The moment I read about her little BAND adventure, I said, after I’d stopped laughing really loudly, that this was probably her avenue to GTFO of Morning Musume. FINALLY.

Lo and Behold: we have band members and we have a grad announcement.

This is the best Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!

Momusu is changing so rapidly and the only member who seems excited about it, other than the newbies, is Shige. I honestly think she started to check out long ago and this graduation is overdue.

Now leaving aside how much I dislike her as a performer, there is only so far you can go in a place like Momusu. You come in to it maybe wanting to be a soloist, or just wanting some attention. You come into it because you love to sing and dance and then decide you want to be the best performer you can. Whatever the ambition you can only go so far. Eventually all your fellow generation members (if there are any) are going to go and then you’ll be the oldest in a bunch of rookies who you’ll have to look after. You might even have to watch them surpass you since they are ‘fresh’ and earnest and people have gotten used to your annoying crap you after nine endless years all that time. At some point you’ll have to hang up your giant bows and move on.

Reina was popular the instant she joined (I’m told). She got lots of lines right away. She became one of the best singers *cough, chokesquirrel,choke*. Everybody loved that she was ‘yankee’ and now she’s always defended on the grounds that she can sing. So she’s a main lead, one of the oldest members and has lots of fans. I suppose she doesn’t really have any more ambitions within Momusu, especially since the only one she really voiced was that she wanted the three Rokkies to lead the group someday. Well, since Kamei left, that is never going to happen. Sure, Shige is leader now, but she has no sub-leader.

I can’t see Winky as leader (at least of Momusu) in any scenario. Contradict me, but I’ll never agree.
You might love her, but she isn’t that girl. That’s not even a bad thing. Some people just aren’t up for it.

And hey, she is getting on in years, twenty-three being the equivalent of SIXTY in idol-dom (unless you’re a man). Maybe all her half-assery is just her getting tired-?

~My brother just put on her Shiny Guy song to annoy me…God I can’t stand itFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUC….then I remember she’s LEAVING!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!  HA! Yeah…even HE lasted about a minute before he turned it off and put on something else. Sorry. Never gonna be a fan. XD~

Now about this band:

Here go to the website.

At the moment I can’t bring myself to care much. I’m sure she’ll have a lot of fun and the songs will be slightly rock-ier than Momusu. Maybe if she’s singing differently, in a different setting, I’d enjoy it. I can’t say I’ve NEVER liked her singing. Just overall? Not a fan.

If you want stuff about how this will affect Momusu and her “legacy” and how she will be missed, rest assured there will be more than enough sob-posts from people who will actually miss her. My feeling is more relief. For her, for the group, and for my ears.

Don’t worry: Shige always has auto-tune, Mizuki is being groomed and Ace is Reina 2.0 (“without the natural gift of being able to sing” as Chiima said in this awesome post).

I will miss Reina-fail though. It’s always funny.

I knew it wouldn’t be Shige. I mean, with kohais this adorable she’s got at least another year in her.

Masaki-kins had no idea this was the plan all along…


14 thoughts on “FINALLY!!!!!

  1. Technically I am celebrating with cake (I happen to be eating the remainders of my bday cake right now).
    I knew she would be next as well. Sayu has so much to offer the girls compared to Reina, plus her and Sayashi sing the same, totally didn’t need both of them. AAAAND wtf is this about her being one of the top 3 MMs?
    I thought at Least Fujimoto, Aichan, Niigaki, Kamei and Goto were all leagues ahead of her and her one note repeats…. but then Reina was always Tsunku’s favourite.

    1. I neeeeeever meant to imply that I believe she is one of the top three Musumes. Cause I don’t. Like really, REALLY don’t. Tsunku, however, seems to. He even said in her audition-days that she is “close to the perfect Morning Musume member”. I don’t get it. I don’t agree, but clearly her fans do. Hopefully Sakura will give us a different sort of lead voice while Riho continues the squirrel legacy. 😉

      1. Lol I knew thats what you meant, she’s no where near the top. I was saying I dont get how Tsunku thinks that cauz thats what the up front statement says lol.. Sorry for the confusion!

      2. It’s my fault. I hadn’t actually read their official statements about the grad. I didn’t realize Tsunku had said something like that. Seriously, what the frack Tsunku?? o_0

  2. Ah, I’ve stalking your blog to your response to this news, LOL! When I seen the news on Sayunii I immediately thought you were out partying xD.

    Personally, I’m also relieved she’s leaving. She never seemed to have all that much fun within Momusu. She could sing good sometimes, but she wasn’t the best singer ever. (I still don’t get why everyone likes Riho’s voice; it seems too screechy for my tastes. She runied Silver no Udedokei for me, even though I love that song)

    This may mean Momusu can finally get back to a more normal line distrubution, with some of the good singers taking lead. Like Kuduu, she sings like a younger Miki, particuluarly in “Futsuu no Shoujo A,” so you can tell she’s got the vocal chops.

    One thing that’s been confusing me, though, is that I though Iikubo was the oldest in terms of the new members, not Mizuking. (Unless Tsunku mentioned that Mizuki is the new subleader or something)

    Anyway, this is a good step for Momusu. I love Sayu, she’s like my clone (true) personality wise (I’m going to die when she leaves) so I’m happy she isn’t graduating. After all, Sayu’s era has only brought great songs so far. More than Ai’s era ever did (well, “Seishun Collection” was one I loved). Risa had good songs too, but Sayu definitely is the “lucky charm” for Momusu right now.

    I so hope Mizuki gets more of a lead. She has a Eri type voice, and Eri is my absolute fav Momusu~

    /end off topic essay

      1. It’s not just age – it’s the senpai hierarchy, ne? I also meant in regards to her getting all that spotlight time with Shige. This is also a definite part of the grooming process.

  3. OH GOD I KNOW RIGHT?! Jesus I’m so happy. It was pretty clear that this was her ticket out, too. Since Reina’s not out for another year, I think we’ll get one more out of Shige once Reina’s gone–so two years with Shige as leader–at which point, Mizuki, who is already being groomed to take over the leadership position, will be perfectly prepared to be the new Queen.

  4. I knew this would be your response and I honestly do have to agree with you. It’s time to get Reina out of MoMusu and honestly… I think she should’ve left a long time ago.

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