In Which Isilie Memes

It’s terrible, but at the moment I am working on posts for my other blog, which are taking up a lot of my limited head space. That means that Itsumo Genki is a tad slow right now. Neglected.

I don’t like it. So here is an awesome TakaLin gif (made by someone who isn’t me) and a MEME!!

I haven’t done something like this before, but I thought it would be interesting to answer this sort of survey that has been floating around the ‘wotasphere’ lately. Here are links to the original posters of this meme (I am calling it a meme), Chiima and Momoka. Mara also answered these and you should definitely read that too (because she pwns). Mine is a bit rant-y, but I did my best (went a little gif-happy too, for some reason).

Here we go!

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Pic Spam: Valentine’s Day RABU!!!

Whether you are with your own Prince Gaki, or don’t bother with this whole thing, I just want to wish you all a happy Valentines Day!!!


There is no need for any talk about how this is another miserable, money-draining ‘holiday’, because what isn’t these days, really? Instead of that, let’s bask in some H!P love from past and present. Because if H!P members being all loveydovey doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what could. These are gathered from what was on my computer, so let’s enjoy!

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In which Isilie wonders about this “Project” part of H!P

So, based on what happened in the past few months, S/mileage will now be having, we assume, semi-regular graduations and auditions…

Where is that going, really?
Cause making S/mileage into the next ‘project-girl’ group seems like a bit of a strange step. It didn’t seem like Tsunku would really go through with his promise that the line-up might change, but then one never underestimates Tsunku. I wonder why he didn’t take members exclusively from the Eggs-? It could have worked just the same and they would have had a lot less trouble integrating. But then we wouldn’t have the Momusu-like drama of struggling, ‘regular’ girls (or retirees) who have to ‘do their best’ to make their ‘dreams come true’.

I thought Morning Musume had that whole thing covered already.
Apparently not. We need a new version for the next generation people. Momusu auditions are just traditional things now. This S/mileage stuff has to be properly epic.

Photo campaigns! Tears! Uncertainty! BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS!


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