I miss TakaLin prt2


See this entry.
And then this one.

*dies from squee *

In summary: Linlin came to visit Japan and see a Momusu concert. Kamei was there too, but three awesome Takalin things happened: they took lots of pictures, Linlin got to take photos with all the new members…and Takahashi totally cried.

I miss my OTP!!! >_<

PS: Thank you BlogProject!


Pic Spam: Reconquista

…Ok, I’m so happy right now. The best thing about Hangry&Angry’s new pv, aside from the YOSSYPWN and the song itself is that I really, REALLY needed something like this to cheer me up the day I saw it.

*super squee* Since I can’t think of anything coherent to say, I just bring you some absolute pwn in the form of pic spam.

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