I miss TakaLin prt2


See this entry.
And then this one.

*dies from squee *

In summary: Linlin came to visit Japan and see a Momusu concert. Kamei was there too, but three awesome Takalin things happened: they took lots of pictures, Linlin got to take photos with all the new members…and Takahashi totally cried.

I miss my OTP!!! >_<

PS: Thank you BlogProject!


2 thoughts on “I miss TakaLin prt2

  1. I read this just now and I want to say, I miss TakaLin too! So much! Or AiLin as I normally say. They are my second and third favourite musume of all time and their friendship is so sweet. They are like sisters. They are so cute. I’m happy they can still meet sometimes, even when they live so far apart. I miss SayuEri in the group too but somehow AiLin even more. Eri doesn’t live too far away from Sayu so they can meet more often.

  2. Also, from Takitty’s blog: “My favourite person…”
    The photo of Lin and Zukki together just made my month. Though it did kinda kill me because if Lin had never been essentially kicked out, we could’ve seen ZukkiLin all of the time. :/

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