Nanchatte Renai – An Acquired Taste?

My initial reaction to the youtube radio rip of ‘Nanchatte Renai’ by Morning Musume was pretty much “…”

I honestly didn’t have a reaction at all, except maybe a mild “Oh…there’s a rap…kinda.” Then I saw the pv which for Isilie always means capping.

Let me guess: Makes you think of Roman My Dear Boy and/or Memory Seishun no Hikari?  The setting maybe…the song itself is a different story.

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Platinum 9 Disco Concert~* Gaki made me do This

img20090506120745191 I’ve never done a concert review…but this most recent concert tour of Morning Musume’s made me want to.

I’d been waiting for this concert for a long time, partly because of how much I enjoyed Resonant Live, but also because I really loved the ninth album, enough that I was beyond curious as to how some of the tracks would translate live. Some times it’s better in the studio and sometimes a song is better live. There have been a bunch of album tracks from Momusu that I felt pretty neutral about until I saw them performed. Then suddenly there was something wonderful about them. ‘Love and Peace (etc)’ is one example.

So, I wondered if this concert would make me love the album more or make me think that most of it was better in the studio. Saying that “it was better in the studio” isn’t necessarily a crack at their singing abilities. It’s a matter of preference. Like I said, some things just sound better on the album because they are hard to translate live.

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In Which Isilie catches up.

img20090617134750814I’ve been away from here awhile, and what a while it’s been! We’ve gotten Momusu going across the sea (to somewhere other than Hawaii), new/old shuffle groups, new single for the girls, and so on and so on. I’ve been itching to post, so I decided to just cover those things and anything else that drifts through my mind because I really can’t think of a good way to connect them all.

Blogs = self indulgence.


And regarding this pic: do I ever need a reason for random Gokkie love? Gracious Mame is tiny, even compared to Takahashi!

To those people in the U.S who actually saw her up close, was it like looking at a tiny life-like doll? That’s the sort of image I get when I try to picture any of these girls as real live human beings. They look small enough on pvs and such, but in reality…man they must be tiny.

I’ll stop stating the obvious and just get on with it.

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Pic Spam: Celebrating the 10,000 mark!

img20080830065055603I think the rather smug (and AWESOME) smile Yossy wears in this photo says it all…over 10,000 people have read things on this site. YAAAY!!!

(Actually probably half of those are for my jailbaiting-Koharu-is-wrong post…not sure how to feel when the main searches that lead people here are “jailbait ass” and other such things. Aw well. Thanks for coming by anyway!)

I just kept looking at the hit-counter thing and blinking. It was unattractive and odd, but really, there was nothing I could do. When I started this entirely self-indulgent blogging business, I never thought anyone else (except that one person) would ever know it existed.

Actually, no one would ever have read this, nor commented at all, nor even called me names about this blog without International Wota. *bows humbly* Thanks for noticing me.

That being said, and also for the fact that all my planned posts have gone by the wayside for the time being, I decided to do what I always do when I want to nudge this place back to life a bit: pic spam!!! Honestly, you have to wonder who actually decides which pics get published.

Whoever it is, is a genius.

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