Goto’s ‘Fly(ing) Away’


I was surprised when I first heard ‘Fly Away’, because it wasn’t anything like what I was expecting.

Well, it was and it wasn’t.

Based on the nails she was sporting, I expected something ridiculously Koda-esque for Goto’s “come-back”: lots of bass and dramatics and thick black eye make-up. And to certain extent that’s what I got when I saw her ‘Unrecorded’ clip.

I love the song ‘Fly Away’ a lot. I loved it instantly.

But let’s talk about the preview-thing VS the actual PV.
(thanks Hello!Online for the links)

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I won’t cry, actually…

Because Naichau Kamo’s pv really kicks.

Yes, even with Winky in the center, yet again.

It’s honestly freaking me out that I pictured these exact costumes, right down to those awesome boots. When I saw the preview, I did a double-take.

“Wait…those white jackets…the fishnets…this is what I pictured!!?”

H!P is an interesting place.

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In which Isilie is worried about Naichau Kamo~





So these are the costumes we can expect for the new single from Momusu.



I don’t think they’re that bad, with the exception of these things: Linlin’s little-miss-muffet hat, Mame’s ill-advised bow, Ai’s scarf (I just don’t get why it’s there) and Winky’s giant shirt with a belt.

[You don’t need a mumu Reina, you’re tiny. If anything you need to eat some bacon before somebody splits you in half.]

Everyone else looks great. I really love Aika’s hat and pose. Dare I say it, she’s getting a bit more attitude? Eri is just gorgeous. I don’t know what it is with her, but she’s just pwning all the time now.

So, even with seeing these costumes and pretty much feeling that the song is epic, albeit unevenly distributed YET AGAIN, I’m feeling more anxiety than anticipation for the PV.

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