Pic Spam: Reconquista

…Ok, I’m so happy right now. The best thing about Hangry&Angry’s new pv, aside from the YOSSYPWN and the song itself is that I really, REALLY needed something like this to cheer me up the day I saw it.

*super squee* Since I can’t think of anything coherent to say, I just bring you some absolute pwn in the form of pic spam.

I really loved both the mini-album and the full album. I think they both sound great. I love Yossy, but I know she isn’t the strongest singer. Ishikawa isn’t the strongest either, but they’ve really improved over the years and now they just overflow with the confidence and grace that their experience has given them.

Plus AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Marionettes usually freak me out and Ishikawa is way too good at looking doll-like and blank. The imagery fits so well with the mood of the song.

I’m a little creeped out, but strangely drawn to this marionette…

This one is very pretty, like a doll, but a little…off. Ne?

I really like this cap. I caught it in a fade-out moment and love her expressions here. This is Ishikawa Rika to me. She’s a pretty little doll on the one hand, idol-ling it up when she needs to, but she capable of being incredibly cool and dangerous (when she’s not spazzing or being Biyuuden style nuts).

Look at that expression. My WORD.

H: “You’re squeezing a little hard there, Angry.”
A: “You’re mine. MINE!”

Ishikawa = “Ooooh….the lights are pretty…”

A: *purrrr*

Honestly…I want poster versions of most of these caps…

Another where-is-Yossy’s-other-hand moment. Plus, look at that eye-shadow. I love how messy it is…it looks like they just globbed on some black stuff and then Yossy tried to claw it away…


Which one is scarier? Is it sexy, awesome Hangry, or hissy, gropey awesome Angry? Bare those teeth Ishikawa!

Can we talk about those mega-phones for a sec? Rather than mics…they have their own…why do I suddenly want one???

A: “I am totally Angry. Look. Seriously.”
H: “Uwaaaa, why am I the pink one…?”

H: “I’m serious, though. Why exactly?”
A: “Because you’re mine. Keep up, darling.”

When I first saw this shot, I had no idea what it was. It’s very creepy on first glance – and somewhat ruined when they later start throwing the Hangry&Angry plushies through the net.

The moment they realize their professional lives are really weird…

And now it’s time to cut their strings away. With platinum scissors, no less.

Now that you two are free – what ever shall you do?

A: “Hey, we got transported to a Perfume pv!”

H: “You know, I could get used to this. We are using a lot of auto-tune after all.”

A: “I don’t know. I kinda liked that netting…”

H: “Look, we’ll make this end on an awesome note. Trust me.”

Yeah! Dance awkwardly Angry!

H: “Hey, you wanna ruin this cool moment any MORE there, Angry?”

A: “Ok, sorry. This spinning camera is making me feel a little funny…”

H: “Ok, stop giggling, you’re making me laugh too.”
A: “Hee hee hee…”


How can they top all the sexy of the last two minutes??

*drum roll*

Light-saber battle~!
(or, depending on how knit-picky you are: perfume cover knock-off/light-baton battle!….whatever you might want to call it, it’s sexy as all hell.)

Yossy doesn’t need to USE the Force – she IS the Force.

I don’t think my heart can take much more…

Watch them performing this new single in France. ❤

Love H&A so much…


6 thoughts on “Pic Spam: Reconquista

  1. This single is awesome. The facial expressions alone. Bought it the instant it was available on iTunes. Can’t wait for their live tour DVD to come out.

    Thx for the picspam. Hilarious as always.

  2. There are so many fetish elements of this PV that I suddenly REALLY want to do an R-rated “alternate” version of this picspam. 😛 Which is unlike me.

    1. I know. I really toned down what I really wanted to write. 😉 If there was ever a fanfic-inspiring pv…

  3. I’ve never been a big fan of H&A (their style just isn’t my cup of tea). But this time, I felt there was something different. And definitely in a good way. I quite like this single and I think the outfits are really nice. I even watched the PV a few times. So who knows I might be slowly becoming a fan too? And I do like both Rika and Yossi.

    Funny post, I love your picspam with comments.

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