In Which Isilie Reviews 2011*~~

This year is just…I can’t even get my head around it and it’s already pretty much over. I feel like I blinked one day in January and then the year was just done.

Need I even list all the insanity of this year?  If you’re an H!P fan, odds are you already know. If you aren’t, then you’ll at least have heard of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March and how continuously devastating it is to those still living it. It is hardly over, even if the news has moved on. Reading translated tweets from Japan, reading as much as could online and just seeing the photos in newspapers everywhere is something I will never forget. I suppose it’s trite – I don’t live there, I have no family there – but the feelings I had during that month…not something I will forget. Something that changed a lot of things for me.

Just to digress for a moment, I was very touched when the online fan communities rallied this year and donated money, time, effort, and headaches into fundraising campaigns. You can look at it however you want (I’m sure there are more than enough people out there who think donating money is/was a bad/ignorant/naive idea because blahblahblah, but hush for a bit, ok?), but I thought it was awesome. I love that our self-indulgence could help, even a little bit. Love of idols tends to lead to a love of Japan, the desire to learn the language and a love of the culture outside of anime or Johnnies or whatever it might be. At least it has in my limited experience. That is the best part about this sort of fandom. I was very, very touched.

Ok~! Onward, one more time in 2011!

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Shining Butterfly !panic!

Dream Morning Musume. Nacchi, Yuko-sama, Rika, the Gooch, Makochin, Kaorin, Kemeko, Nutjob (for some reason) and YOSSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


Unsurprisingly, when Dream came along, my initial reaction was an unthinking, “YAAAAAAAAY!!!” I hadn’t seen this group together in years and years. Aside from Nutjob, who I am at best ambivalent about as an idol, there is no one in this group who isn’t an engaging, strong performer. I didn’t sit there analyzing it and thinking, “uh oh”, I just let out a squee and waited to see the concert.

Which was completely epic.
But now they have a single. An original single.

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When I needed cheering up

Today, sick with a cold and miserable, I clicked on a favourite I didn’t recognize. I got this.

our randomly-generated Hello! Project unit:

The one-time only unit Egao Matsuri will be made up of Yaguchi Mari, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi, Matsuura Aya, Ayaka, Maeda Yuki. Their single will have a 80s New Wave sound and they will wear black leather tube tops with matching pants for the PV.

Thank you Cult of Pop!!!!

I read that and went out of my crappy reality into a happy visual place.

PS: Thanks for letting me know about all the H!P happenings guys. I have lots of stuff to check out now.  XD