Shining Butterfly !panic!

Dream Morning Musume. Nacchi, Yuko-sama, Rika, the Gooch, Makochin, Kaorin, Kemeko, Nutjob (for some reason) and YOSSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


Unsurprisingly, when Dream came along, my initial reaction was an unthinking, “YAAAAAAAAY!!!” I hadn’t seen this group together in years and years. Aside from Nutjob, who I am at best ambivalent about as an idol, there is no one in this group who isn’t an engaging, strong performer. I didn’t sit there analyzing it and thinking, “uh oh”, I just let out a squee and waited to see the concert.

Which was completely epic.
But now they have a single. An original single.

Shining Butterfly is one of those Tsunku titles that just makes me giggle because it probably makes no sense in context. It’s probably one of those things that just sounded good to him. I feel like he must have a stock pile of english phrases or random words that just sound good to Japanese ears and he uses them without too much thought. Then there are situations like the one with GAM: it suddenly meant ‘a lady with nice legs’ when the word actually refers to legs themselves – and is an outdated term as far as I know. Shining Butterfly could mean many things, but nevermind that. How is the actual song?

Well, from the tiny pv preview and what little I could hear, it’s very pretty, slightly rock-y (the way Shogani Yume oibito was rock-y) and has a more adult sound than a lot of their concert fare.  Best of all? The pv has a story! A set! Guest stars Ms Takahashi.

Oh yeah. And she’s totally psyched to be here.

Welcome to Hostess Musume. The Elder Club was just preparation for the hostess club they would all open together. Unfortunately, it’s a cutthroat world out there, beyond the shimmering genki walls of H!P and that means that you see shocking betrayals like –

– Kemeko and Nutjob totally stealing one of your biggest clients, or possibly your boyfriend.

Even when you’re as drunk as Rika is right now, it looks pretty bad.

No, no. She’s actually pretty upset.

“Well, what do you expect, Rika-chan? I mean, you’re already the center in like 30 singles and now even six years later, you’re doing it again.”

“But the AUDACITY! That KID and that….that KEMEKO!??”

“Being Rika is so painful.”

N: “Ok, now listen to Mama. You’re way too drunk to stop them.  I mean all that crack and absolute lack of self-consciousness…it’s deadly. Nutjob and Kemeko cannot be stopped with anything less than a rocket launcher. ”

“Of course, this is only because no one here is as powerful as I am…”


N: “I really should have cut her off.”

Then there is dance-shot.

I actually love these costumes, mostly because they aren’t huge, hideous tutus with bows all over the place. They are comparatively elegant, showing off some skin, but not too much and providing some nice looking contrast between the white and colour.

I’m actually not surprised to see Rika in the center of the dance. It seems like the actual singing lines are distributed between Tsunku’s old favourite centers. That means Kemeko, Yossy, Makochin and Nutjob will probably just be back-up. That kinda pisses me off, but it’s not unexpected. At least in this group you know those that will actually sing will be pleasant, if not epic, to listen to. I love Yuko’s voice at the end of the clip. I loved hearing Kaorin again. I loved hearing Yaguchi.

Lovely Nacchi! She is…*dreamy sigh*

Kaorin, Yaguchi and Yuko-sama – classy and beautiful. Yuko is spending this pv reminding us how hawt she is. And we weep that she is off the market now.

I’m going to need Yossy to be onscreen for more than a second at a time though, please. Makochin too. Why do we never get to hear her? She’s never been a bad singer and she’s never looked better, quite frankly. This is probably the first pv I’ve seen where Kemeko didn’t get her face into every shot somehow. She used to be the best at photobombing every single screenshot.

So, predictably, I love the song. Seeing it made me excited, happy. I didn’t think too hard about it. Then I started reading other blogger’s reactions to it.

Heavily Paraphrased: This is another outrageous move by UpFront to remind people that current Momusu sucks and these are the real members! This is happening because the OGs have nothing else to do and so they begged/were begged to put on the Momusu badge once again, even though they have graduated, and sing the same songs AGAIN to revive their stagnant careers. This Dream stuff is just because Tsunku hates Momusu now and wants to deal with the members he actually likes (then how do you explain Koharu!? *rimshot*). He should have retired the name Momusu. He should have left these members alone to grow beyond their roots. THIS SUCKS! THIS IS A TRAVESTY!! DAMN NOSTALGIA JUNKIES!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!

How about we all calm ourselves?

  • I don’t think Tsunku hates what he created. He might be tired of it, but he is still creating music for them and I don’t think it’s bad at all. Momusu has evolved with the times and the changing members. Even songs everybody hated, like Nanchatte or Mikan have the power to make fans of people. Stop underestimating our current members just because they aren’t Tsuji-Kago or the powerhouse of awesome that is Yossy.
  • The OGs all have careers. They are all busy, in one degree or another, and some of them even have families. Just because you haven’t made the effort to look up what they are doing, it doesn’t mean that they have fallen off the face of the earth. Not being popular anymore has not stopped them from working. Plus they will always have the respect of the industry because of their past achievements and their personalities. That’s a good thing, not something pathetic that they exploit.
  • Maybe they wanted to do this. Maybe they thought it would be fun, even if it is a desperate grab for nostalgia-fuelled money. All the members love Momusu in their own ways. They helped create it. Why would they resent something like that? If they hate it, they are professional enough to never, ever let us know it, but it doesn’t seem likely to me. Hell, Yuko has a Momusu shrine in her house, with all the releases, photos, autographs…she treasures Momusu because it’s such a big part of her. She wants to support it, no matter how different it has become. Yuko says, “keep supporting my beloved Momusu” and if Yuko says to do something, you’d better do it.
  • Tsunku has favourites, but I don’t think he will ever get tired of lording it over 14 year olds and molding them into idols. It’s what he does.
  • I don’t think Dream is going to last forever. Especially because, as I just mentioned, they all have careers. Momusu, however, will still be around. Let’s see what Gaki does with it before we get rid of it, shall we?

Mostly I think people are overthinking something that is simply a fun, nostalgic romp. Some old friends got together, did some concerts and got a single release. It’s a good song, it will be an interesting pv. Let’s enjoy that and look forward to the next Momusu release, Pyoko Pyoko we-are-fluffy-baby-chicks.

I’m thinking it will probably remind me of Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima. Or maybe it will be a whole new, cracked-out, cute sound. That is fine by me.

I love Morning Musume. All of it.


4 thoughts on “Shining Butterfly !panic!

  1. LOL I think its like a “just like old times” thing, and we could see members who weren’t in MM sing singles released after them which is cool cool cool. But to be honest I only pay attention to OG + current MM or just MM stuff these days

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