In which Isilie Wonders…

vlcsnap-562723…rather than taking a new direction, has Morning Musume really just begun to return to form? Their music will always have that certain flavour that we expect from them, but in terms of theme, they seem to be slowly creeping backwards.

I’ll try to make this clearer.

I couldn’t stop watching the danceshot version of their new single ‘Shouganai Yume Oibito’ when it finally came out (thanks to HelloOnline as always). Usually dance-shots merely satisfy my curiousity rather than make me think. I find it frustrating that I can only see bits and pieces of a dance in a regular pv, especially if it’s an interesting one. That’s why the “real” pv for Resonant Blue didn’t bother me. I still like that dance and I still think the pv suited it. But I’m stubborn like that, and getting off topic. I love that this dance-shot takes place in what looks like a university library. It looks like a real location rather than a back-drop, which gives it a completely different feeling. I love the soft, feminine look of them. It reminded me slightly of the Sexy Boy video, but that one didn’t have the same vulnerability I felt in this one.

Maybe it’s just shots like this one that made me feel a sense of vulnerability, but they tend to reach forward for something over and over and never reach it.


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