Mano Erina: Three-piece Winter Love (?!??)

That little thing she keeps saying in her new single, is that it? Or maybe it’s ‘please, please with your love’.

‘Make peace with your love’?

‘Green peace winter love’?

‘Please fleece, winter love’ (you know, to keep warm)?

None of these particularly make sense, but when does random English ever? Anyone know what it actually is? I haven’t seen a set of lyrics yet.

I really love this new Mano single, ‘Onegai Dakara’. It’s in a range that is comfortable for her and it’s slightly techno-ish (is that the genre I’m looking for?), which is always win. I don’t know why I never liked the piano singles. Too much pink? Too much cuteness? Slightly sinister cuteness that wants to eat my soul?

Seriously. She’s dangerously adorable and pretty. This is the first time I’ve ever liked her music though.

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