Gokkie Series: A Look Back


Episode Two: The Audition prt.1

Ah, auditions. When we used to have Hello!Morning or Asayan, or even random specials in relation to Morning Musume, we had these wonderful behind-the-scenes looks at our girls before they were idols, when they were barely able to carry tunes or dance even the simplest dance. Ah, those were the days. This particular audition was quite detailed. Also, it was quite fortunately subbed ( thank you so very much HelloFansubs!!).


So, I bring you, the Gokkie’s audition: Love Audition 21, according to the special we have. Pics galore, so loading may take awhile. I will try to make it worth your time. This audtion occured right after Nakazawa graduated and they were completing their single ‘The Peace’. In this first part, I’ll cover the intro and their first night at training camp.

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In Which Isilie covers a Bunch of things at Once…

img20090419124445So…I’ve been too busy to post lately and therefore, haven’t been able to comment on various things. Like how Matsuura is starring with Sakurai Sho (from Arashi) in a new drama and how freakin awesome it is (it’s FREAKIN AWESOME).

So…here’s a bunch of things I’ve not commented on yet.

What a great segue, eh?

btw: I love this picture. Mame still looks so tiny, even though she’s obviously matured beautifully. Ai looks great when she’s all boyish.

Kyaaaa, I love the Gokkies.



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Shouganai ne?

I think it’s so funny that Momusu has gotten to the point that people can start complaining that their new stuff “isn’t as good as Resonant Blue” and that song was only a couple singles ago. I can still listen to that song over and over again. It was on my playlist today while I was walking home in the rain and it created a perfect atmosphere somehow. 

And that makes no sense to me because as far as repetitive pop goes…well, it’s damn repetitive. But I don’t get sick of it. I mean I don’t get sick of much, but I get mildly tired of songs sometimes and that hasn’t happened yet. RB has something I guess, because it still affects me in various ways. And it’s damn fun to sing.

Their new single, which I will go out on a limb and say is better than Naichau, is the same sort of song for me.


Damn they’re pretty…

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Face + Palm = Me.


So, according to when I first posted…my first anniversary was way back on the 4th of January. I completely missed it.

So yeah…I’m an idiot. ^_^’

Anyway, seeing as how I’ve realized that this little blog is a year and three months old (ah, so young), here’s a slightly self-deprecating graphic for ya, with Yossy loveliness. And a new header, that is basically an epic-fail because it’s so FLIPPIN’ ORANGE. But hey, enjoy the wackiness of Ayaya and Nacchi.

Thank yous:

I want to thank the person I started writing for, who still reads this, for…well, reading it (you have no idea how much I appreciate it), International Wota, the sweethearts who have me on their blogrolls and every single person who has ever left me a comment. Even the flames – LOVE em. Thank you so very much for taking an interest in this place.

I’ll keep trying to get better.yossiecute6
And to not forget my next anniversary.


I’m an idiot.