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In Which Isilie covers a Bunch of things at Once…

img20090419124445So…I’ve been too busy to post lately and therefore, haven’t been able to comment on various things. Like how Matsuura is starring with Sakurai Sho (from Arashi) in a new drama and how freakin awesome it is (it’s FREAKIN AWESOME).

So…here’s a bunch of things I’ve not commented on yet.

What a great segue, eh?

btw: I love this picture. Mame still looks so tiny, even though she’s obviously matured beautifully. Ai looks great when she’s all boyish.

Kyaaaa, I love the Gokkies.



img20081117213258143On C-ute

  • I got their newest album, which mostly made me bored, except for SHINES, which came out of freakin nowhere and pwned unbelievably. This song is epic. And awesome. It made me think, “ok Tsunku still has it in him to write an epic and not just album filler.” It pwns so much more than their latest single and anything else on the album
  • Speaking of, their latest single, Bye Bye Bye, is something I don’t think I can like. ME! The one who likes EVERYTHING!
    It’s…awful. The pv is just sad. The costumes are just…sad. The vocals sound like they’re a little too high even for squeak-machines like them. The verses sound great, but then the chorus ruins it…it turns into this cheesy 80s sounding thing. Is that even the decade I’m looking for? I don’t know even know… Also, the dance made me laugh out loud. It would be awesome if they had all caught on fire and were trying to flail the flames away, but since they AREN’T, why with the spastic arm jerking? The youngest one, whose name I forget was pretty cool, as was Chisato (?? is that her name?), but otherwise, even Maimi couldn’t save this.


  • My Boy is amazing. Seriously. The video, despite the supreme-wtf ending, is amazing. They all sound awesome. They blend perfectly. Momoko, for once, doesn’t frighten me and looks almost like a mature young woman in this. Miyabi always sounds good and her shorter hair is awesome. (I know that is a picture of the wrong cover, but I like those costumes.) Airi is also consistently good, but for some reason I think she is prettier when she doesn’t smile.

Some Caps:

Costumes = win. No idea how, but they look awesome.

Momoko with a gun = win.
I mean, scary as hell in one sense, but…

Look at her bein’ all stealthy. It’s actually really cool.

The guard is gassed by freakin’ children…you gotta love it.

Airi is so pretty.

Goggles pwn!

Blurry pwn!

“My boy” ala Miyabi.

Ala Momoko.

Ala Airi.


Buono is just going to get better isn’t it? But aren’t they ending with the anime?
I hope not.

On all this International stuff going on…

Buono going to Sweden.
H/A to the U.S.
Momusu to Anime Expo…in the U.S.

Where did this come from?? I mean, hey, awesome, but…ehhh?
It’s about damn freakin time they take advantage of their foreign fans (READ: throw us a freakin bone).

Next stop Canada, right?

On Momusu

  • I love their unity right now. I love that they’re the first incarnation of this group to have been together for more than a year. It’s never img20071013220534happened before. It’s kinda cool that it’s happened now.
  • I love that their sound is becoming a little more modern while still having the same Morning Musume feel. I’m not sure if modern is the word, but something good is happening.
  • Their album Platinum 9 pwns. SONGS was one of those traciks that came out of nowhere for me. The ending is…epic, basically. It was like Genki+-why-the-hell-wasn’t-this-a-damn-single all over again. There were too many solos and not enough group songs, but at least there was no filler. None that I could pick out. There were songs I didn’t like as much as others, but with every single one, it didn’t really sound like anything I’d heard from them before. Even with Eri and Mitsui’s solos, which I assumed would bore me, had some hook that got me to love them. And where the hell did Michshige’s solo come from? Who saw that one coming?? Even the members were surprised by that one. Takahashi does a lot of intense singing on this album. I curious to see how it will translate live.
  • Is it just me or has Kamei’s voice gone from cute to gorgeous? Ditto Niigaki. I wish Niigaki had sang Yowamushi solo. I’m not putting down Michishige, I just think that was completely Niigaki’s song. It suited her voice so well.


Fujimoto getting married: Nice! Good luck with that, buddy.
No, I’m just teasing. I was really happy to hear of this. I wonder how Matsuura is reacting. Miki is hers afterall…

QED: I liked it.


No, seriously. I enjoyed it.

What did you expect, freakin Shakespeare? Oscar-worthy performances?It’s a light-weight, feel good JAPANESE drama. Of course it’s going to be ridiculous. And we all know Takahashi is best suited to the stage, but she tried something new. I thought she did well for her first starring role.

Mizuhara Kana was great. She could have been a really annoying character but there was something likeable about her. Takahashi gave her that something. So good for her.

So there.

Mano Erina



No, really. Aside from cuteness, explain her appeal.

Her ‘mano-points’ at the end of every Yorosen were nonsensical. The show would be about food or something and then her ‘point’ would be like, “when I looked out the window today I saw a pretty flower…i like pretty flowers”.

face + palm = me.

Her voice is whispery and pleasant enough, but not terribly engaging. It’s cool that she can play the piano, but it’s hard to make that an idol thing. At the moment it feels like she’s just sort of there. She should have been in Gatas a little longer.

Damn, she really is cute though. It’s like Goto and Michishige had a baby.

Right, that’s all I have for the moment. Might add to this post later, might not. At the moment I keep feeling like I forgot something…



4 thoughts on “In Which Isilie covers a Bunch of things at Once…”

  1. I’m glad someone agrees with me about SHINES! I wasn’t sure if anyone else would notice it, but I really like it. The title track of the album is major love for me too, though.

    Momo’s voice is definitely getting more mature lately. That’s what I’m hearing on the latest Buono! releases, anyway. And seriously, MY BOY is awesome. It’s a really good PV, too – H!P needs more like this!

    Are you in Canada, yourself? I’m Canadian. =3 I agree that we need more artists to come here now, please. (I can’t complain, though, since my favourite Japanese band – Dir en grey – has played in my city three times. =D)

    I don’t know what it is about Manoeri, but even I like her now. Her photoshoots are gorgeous, and I just enjoy how humbly she comes across on her blog, even though she’s a super-pimped idol. Musically, meh, but I LOVE Lucky Aura.

  2. Yeah Manoeri is very pretty, I just have no interest for some reason.

    I am Canadian! You’re lucky to have seen your band. Maybe I’ll get lucky someday;p

    I actually loved the title track of C-ute’s new album also. For some reason I love repetitive stuff…you’d think I’d get sick of it, but no. I’m crazy that way. I forgot to mention that track. ^_^’

    Thanks for the comment! ❤

  3. I LOVE “Akogore My Star”! “Shines” IS awesome and definately pwns, but so does the title track and MY favourite track, “One’s Life”, can’t wait to see that live! Seishun Song rocks too, as well as the singles, Forever Love and Edo no Temariuta II…

    as for that Mano Piano kid, yeah, I don’t really get it either, but I do also LOVE Lucky Aura!

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