Morning Musume, Yossy=Love

Belated Happy Birthday

…At least that’s what I wanted to say. Every year I write a post for Yoshizawa Hitomi, my favourite Morning Musume O.G, and the only idol I know of that shares my own birthday.

I honestly forgot this year.
But it’s probably for the best.

I haven’t commented on her drunk driving, or the fact that she faces prison time, or how her life has fallen apart since then. After all my going on about how much I adore her, what is there to say?

What she did was wrong. I’m sad for everyone involved. I’m sorry that someone I admired so much has done such things.

I hope she can rebuild her life after facing the consequences of her actions. I never expected things to end up this way. I mean, she’s a mother now…

Really, what is there to say?
I will cherish my memories. I will pray for her and for the victims.



1 thought on “Belated Happy Birthday”

  1. 🤗 It can be crushing watching a beloved idol fall from grace in front of you, especially one with an immense personal meaning to you. It’s like a loss of innocence, y’know? The realization that idols are human and, thus, capable of even the most life-changing of mistakes.

    Here’s hoping things are better in future for all parties.

    Also, belated happy birthday to you, Isilie.

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