The Beauty of the Graduation Single

I was listening to Kudo Haruka’s graduation single the other day…

Oddly enough the thing that made me feel a bit emotional about it, aside from the beautiful, light, airy tune, was the thought that we’re never going to hear this song in concert again (and of course, how that also means Kudo isn’t there anymore).

I mean, think about it. It was so very much centered on Kudo Haruka that there is even a ‘Duu’ (her nickname) call. They could still sing it, but that call without its namesake? Would there be a point?

I’m nitpicking a bit, I know. And I’m not saying that it would be bad to have a call out to an O.G.
I just don’t think it’s likely.

A couple of months ago, there hadn’t been much sunshine in my life. I mean that in a dramatic, metaphorical sense, but also very literally. For a while it was raining every other day here in Canada. When I did get a moment to walk in the sunshine and this song came up in my playlist, it was strikingly soothing.

I liked this song the minute I heard it, but when I was listening to it in the sunshine, I remember thinking about the PV in particular. This was an unusual one because they were outside and on location, which hasn’t happened very often. In fact, I think this was the first one out of a studio for a very long time. From that first slow pan of the bus going by, you can tell it’s going to be a bittersweet ride.

It starts with BOSS on an empty bus, pretending she isn’t crying, but then keeps flashing back to a bus full of her former fellow members. And it’s cheesy, how they laugh and jostle around, but coupled with the song and all the times it cuts to Harukins wiping her eyes, it suddenly becomes heartbreaking.

If you don’t like heartbreaking, you could agree it’s bittersweet. We all know this means graduation and cry-baby Harukins can’t stop crying, but the whole thing is so full of hope for the future and joy for the present.

Then there is this moment when the 10th gen all frolic around and hug Harukins and you remember that not only does her exit mean another graduation, but it means this ‘beloved generation group is broken up.

Sure, they’ll probably all hang out still, when they have time, but we won’t see them together like this again. Probably not for a long time.

Ugh. It’s just-

I remember why every time I saw this pv it made me wanna cry.

I keep talking about the pv, I know, but the song gets me too. The message is a great one and it’s a potentially wonderful concert-closer. You can argue that if fans want to hear it, they’ll put it in there. The thing is, it’s not likely.

Momusu’s thing since ’14 has been, ‘let’s look to our future’. The past is appreciated, even revered, but even as recently as Iikubo’s grad concert they seemed very eager to get the grad done with so they could break out the new songs.

I’m probably wrong, but the thought just made me sad.
Because it’s a gorgeous little song.


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