Isilie on Blogging

Yeah, remember how I said (or rather, how I always say) I suck at titles?

There you go. The title says it all.

Please feel free to skip this entry if you want. It’s all me rambling about why I became a blogger and waxing poetic about what this all means to me. It’s not so much about H!P as it is about me. And self indulgent.

Inspired entirely by the lovely Chiima who wrote something like this herself and then was sweet enough to mention that she reads this blog and likes it.<3 It made my day.

m(_ _)m Thank you! You are so sweet!!! Check her out at Okay! Musume Time. ❤ ❤

I used a blog pic of Ai because she is as pretty and stylish as I wish I could be and apparently as addicted to caffiene as I happen to be. A real pic of me? Nobody needs to see that.

*chugs coffee*
Let’s do this.

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Cha cha SING – Mini Review

I have all kinds of real-life things to do at the moment, so I can’t devote the kind of time I want to…and they haven’t released an HD version yet…this feels so cheap, but go here to watch Berryz new pv.

Honestly, you have to watch it. It’s so much fun, it kinda made my day. It’s as much of an ear-worm as NEWS’ new song Chankapana (also one you should watch: Am I plugging a NEWS song in a Berryz review, in an H!P blog? You bet I am! REBELLION ftw!!!).

In my humble not-the-biggest-Berryz-fan opinion, this is the best they’ve been in ages. I love the colour, I love the vocals and I love that it’s the kind of fun, crazy, made-for-concerts song that Berryz is so good at. It is going to be amazing live.

Loooooove it.

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One Two Three Robo Musume!

I used to be able to do these pv reviews in a couple of days after the release. Nowadays I am always late with them, this time because I was waiting for an HD release of this pv. Whatever, I’ll write about whatever interests me and Momusu always does. We finally have the entire pv of the fabulous OneTwoThree single.

50th single…it’s crazy to think about eh? FIFTY! It’s a robo-sparkle fest of corset-ed awesome. It’s a far cry from their 40th single, a comparatively subdued, black-and-white, ballet-fest of pouting.

I thought I could use this opportunity also to talk about the new members in more detail.
And give you some delightful caps.
Be warned: this is pretty long.

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