Shouganai ne?

I think it’s so funny that Momusu has gotten to the point that people can start complaining that their new stuff “isn’t as good as Resonant Blue” and that song was only a couple singles ago. I can still listen to that song over and over again. It was on my playlist today while I was walking home in the rain and it created a perfect atmosphere somehow. 

And that makes no sense to me because as far as repetitive pop goes…well, it’s damn repetitive. But I don’t get sick of it. I mean I don’t get sick of much, but I get mildly tired of songs sometimes and that hasn’t happened yet. RB has something I guess, because it still affects me in various ways. And it’s damn fun to sing.

Their new single, which I will go out on a limb and say is better than Naichau, is the same sort of song for me.


Damn they’re pretty…

It almost sounded like an anime theme to me because of the guitar at the start, or whatever instrument makes that wail-y sound. I don’t really care for that part, but I find the rest of it lovely. Everyone is really holding back here. Usually, you have Takahashi powering it up, Winky squirrelling it up, Mame being all throaty and Kamei being cute…and you’re lucky to hear anyone else. Everyone’s solos are a little more subdued. There is something wonderfully feminine about Mame’s first solo line; she’s still got a deeper voice but it’s gentle. It’s same with everyone else, even Winky, who doesn’t annoy me at all in terms of vocals.

Ok, well maybe a little. But I’m not a fan, so you’ll have to just give me a break on this one. She’ll never be my favourite.

They need more harmonies. The last line, where Takahashi goes a little higher than everyone else is simple but beautiful. They can do it and they should. It would give their songs more depth and generally… just pwn my socks right off.

Onto the pv.

This pv is surprisingly devoid of dance-shots. We have a very few and while they are pretty, and very Sexy-Boy-esque in their all-white, sparkly girliness, it’s a little odd to not have as much emphasis on the dance. It’s nice that they’re trying to have a story in ‘Shouganai Yume Oibito’, but it’s still a little fragmented and you have to piece it together yourself.

Some Pretty Dance-shots:
It’s really hard to tell who is who, even though I love the fact that everyone’s hair is down and curled. Also: can’t figure this dance out at all because we only get a couple seconds of it each time.

*swoon* Oh Leader…you’re so pretty.
Even her damn hands are gorgeous…

Although, the moment was a little ruined when I capped this right after:
Everybody do the tooth-brush!!
T: …E-Eh?

*nom, nom*

Capping sometimes produces wonderfully unfortunate things. It’s a great little moment, the finger across the lips thing, but alas, it cannot be capped without looking…like that.

“Now reach for that dream girls…and bend slightly more to your right…yup…you have to almost tip over…”

I actually love that moment, but again, it can’t be capped, really. Or I’m just mean.

“Come’ere deary…we won’t hurt ya…”

And Now…Isilie Presents
Momusu @ University
…Or what seems to be a University.

Let’s see if we can piece together some sort of story (totally ignoring the probably lovely and serious lyrics about dreamers and such).

T: “Studying is serious business.”

M: “Ah, this book is kinda…”
(Damn, this shot is pretty…and Mitsui is cute.)

K: *has stayed up all night* “Ugh! Waiting for class to start sucks…”

N: “Studying is serious business…I have to be able to help that girl who always doesn’t know what the hell is happening in my class.”

*She’s referring to Kamei, who despite the aid of that inter-web and her text-book is hopelessly confused*
K: “What was it Niigaki-sensei said again-?”

M: *sigh*

M: “Why is Mr Cellphone mad at me?”

Meanwhile, Junjun, the new pimp of Momusu, has decided Linlin is her next target.
L: “Oh, I got an email!”

L: “Hey, it’s from you…”
J: “Open it, baby.”

L: “Baby? Seriously? You’re trying that on me?”

L: “…”

J: “Yeah, dude I am so freakin’ Yossy!”

L: “Dude, you are so not Yossy.”
J: “Come oooon…”

Back at the University…
K: “Oh, hi there! Good to see you there….”

K: *thinking* That guy smells…

M:”I love you Mr Cellphone.”

Who’s that coming around the corner with a shiny bag…

Looking blank and exactly the FREAKING SAME as always…

Except she’s damn tired?
Yup. It’s Winky, come to the Uni to check a bulletin board…but only after she WALKS for awhile and looks distainfully at people.

Like this.

W: “Tsch.”

Failing to convinve Linlin of her pimp-ness, Junjun practises looking kakkoi in the hall, ala Yossy in Roman My Dear Boy.

K: “Oh, thank goodness, you’re here Niigaki-sensei! Actually-“

N: *is cornered* “Anooooo…”

N: I’m busy, so…I’ll have to talk to you later, ok?

N: *thinking* She totally doesn’t know what’s going on again.

K: “So, yeah, I just totally don’t get this class at all! Niigaki-sensei is great though, isn’t she?…E-Eh? Wait, Junjun wants to be who-?”

Junjun still trying to Yossy-it-up.
J: “What? Is that so wrong?”

W: *peers at board*

W: “Well, damn.”

Mitsui has reverted to emo-mode, as the book she was reading was just THAT horrible.

Takahashi is about to fall asleep after studying all day.

T: “Alright, screw this, I’m texting Shige-chan.”

M: *humming to herself* “I love mr cellphone and pink bunnies and my hair tie collection-” *her phone beeps*

M: “Mr Cellphone, you can talk!”

K: “So…much…waiting…”

K: “Oh good CRAP, I forgot…it’s TUESDAY!!”


N: “So that was the lesson, Kamei-san. Please, PLEASE understand it this time!”

K: “You’re so awesome, Niigaki-sensei. Someday I want to learn me a book too.”
N: “…”

N: “Eh, good enough.”

Winky and Mitsui share their angst.
W: “That bulletin board really pissed me off. And after all that walking too!”

M: “Whatevs, man. At least you didn’t have to read something totally boring the whole freakin video.”

Kamei begins learning-her-a-book.

Junjun: Yossy the Second?

Only time will tell.

Here endeth that absolutely incoherent tale.

While my story is way, WAY off from what is actually going on, it’s not hard to come up with your own version of the little things that happen in the pv. It looks like what they were going for was the girls being so absorbed in their own things that they didn’t notice each other and so were lonely. Again, I haven’t got my hands on the lyrics yet and my listening skills aren’t good enough to interpret them myself.

There was an attempt at a storyline, which is more than we can say for Naichau, which while I liked it a lot, had no story, just attempts at crying.

Momusu looks great. Yes, even Winky. With her hair down, she’s quite pretty. And I like the darker eye makeup they’re giving the girls lately. More eyeliner can be a good thing. Everyone who gets a solo line pwns. Even the cover is awesome. Gold suits them. Not sure why.

I didn’t cap the solo shots where they are singing or standing against the white backdrop, because, even though they look very nice…it’s just solo shots. I’m article200904201912300976sure someone else will cap them. I like to devote myself to mocking the group that I love so very much. I don’t think they really needed the solo shots, but H!P has to always have the big three: the regular, the solo-shot and the dance-shot versions. Who knows, they might have eight more versions of this with even more disjointed storylines.

Bring em on.

The song is good. I like this direction. Granted, that means little coming from someone who always likes EVERYTHING she posts about, but it’s true.

And it’s damn pretty.


2 thoughts on “Shouganai ne?

  1. Wow. What an analysis. The fact that you went frame-by-frame is indicative of just how riveting this PV is. It’s almost like we all get to go home with them and intereact as regular people. Now that’s scary.

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