In Which Isilie is out of the Loop

This, ladies and gents, is Yoshizawa Hitomi.

Gorgeous, right?

Cool as a fedora and fishnets, right?

I have been following her career post-Momusu and it’s been lots of variety shows, lots of physical activities (biking, diving, running, to name a few) and a little bit of awesome called Hangry Angry.Apparently even Ongaku Gatas is still live and kicking. Who knew?

I had no idea, none, that she is in a drama.

Hagane no Onna.

Started in May.

I had no idea AT ALL.

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Momusu goes outside again!

It’s about time! I just wish that they remembered cover outfits belong on the cover and not in the pv. PVs should be all about mixing it up. I think H!P only remembers to use different costumes when they are going to have a concert. Then suddenly it’s all, “I’ve got some feather-dusters lying around!”
“Yeah, I’ve got some glitter-glue!”

I digress.

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