Momusu goes outside again!

It’s about time! I just wish that they remembered cover outfits belong on the cover and not in the pv. PVs should be all about mixing it up. I think H!P only remembers to use different costumes when they are going to have a concert. Then suddenly it’s all, “I’ve got some feather-dusters lying around!”
“Yeah, I’ve got some glitter-glue!”

I digress.

I could feel it the moment I clicked the little triangle button to play this pv that it was going to be one of those songs that everyone immediately hated and I ended up loving. Not to sound too bitter, but that happens way too often with Momusu. I’m not sure if my expectations are just…gone, or if I’m the only person who still loves them even when they’re boring.

And yeah. This pv is fairly boring. We already mentioned the outfits. I don’t hate them, I just wish they’d been left to the covers (the hawt, hawt covers). You didn’t see Momusu marching around in space-suits for the Mr Moonlight video, did ya (even though that was the cover for that single)?

Well, they had money then.
And YOSSY!!!

The song has been likened to ‘Nanchatte’ and ‘SYO’ presumably because of the intro. I can sort of see this but you know what it reminded me of? The chorus at least, reminded me of the graduation song off the 5th album: Morning Musume Tabidatsu Hito ni Okuru Uta with less wistfulness. ‘Tomo’, the coupling track, reminds me of the b-side for ‘Love Machine’: 21 Seiki. It’s got that same kind of clap-along melody. Not saying they are the same, of course, but that’s the image. I think I am in love with it actually. Some lovely harmonies going on. Because I’m a sap, the lyrics made me a bit teary. xSniperx made a nice little ovp on youtube with a translation, otherwise I’d only be able to say, “Tomo’s adorable and everyone gets a solo and pwns it.

I wanted to use the regular version of the pv for this post, but every version I can find is low-quality. I used another version that I found that looks much better. It’s the Seishun Version -type1-, according to youtube. To put it another way, it’s the everything-but-the-closeup-and-dance-shots version. Too bad. The dance-break looks like it might be unexpectedly lively. The rest looks like they are taking it easy a little bit after all the butt-grabbin’ action of ‘Kimagure’ and hardcore posing of the last single.

We’re blissfully free of the damn tutus and giants bows for ONCE.
Please, PLEASE Tsunku, spare me any more of those!!

You aren’t missing much from the regular version, except perhaps:

The couch from Egao YES Nude cover. They’re sitting on it. Rocking and holding hands.
And yes. I want some cheese with that cheese.

They also goof around a little.

AiShige love! Shige doesn’t mind getting pwned by Riida’s shoulder – that’s love man.

Everyone looks good in the close-ups. Riida is fond of the ol’ fist-bump.


“I gots your back, yo.”

“Fist-bump, my friend. Fist-bump.”

While Riida often seems at a loss as to how much to emote in this one, she spends a great deal of time being gorgeous. It’s hard to find caps of her looking otherwise. I think she misses the angst-y stuff because it’s so much more straightforward for her.

See camera.
Look wide-eyed and wounded.
Touch own face.
Repeat endlessly (while being gorgeous).

This time around, she’s supposed to be cheery. What’s a girl to do?

Ah, don’t be so worried. When in doubt –

Peace, yo!

Winky poses. A lot.

Aika is laughing at you, Winky.
“-The hell was that??”

Granny manages to look adorable one second and then sheepish the next. She’s never really sure that things are working out here.

“Ok, guys, wait, check this out-”

“Usa-chan Paaaaaaaaaace!!”

“Praise meeeeee!!”

“Hey! Do it right!”

“Wait – that reminds me of ME!”

“Me!” *rabu rabu*

JJ: “Bored now.”
And for most of the video.

She is not impressed with Shige. Kamei however is just giddy.

She’s so happy she could just float.

Linlin, however, can FLY!

The trampoline moments – one has to mention ‘Souda! We are Alive’. It’s the outside version. In ‘Souda’ though, it seems like they got more air and weren’t so close to the camera. I also love those costumes, way, way too much. Much more than these ones.


Linlin really pwns here. She’s just very natural looking. She looks happy, without being cracked out.

Sometimes she looks just plain lovely…in her own little Linlin world.

Winky Spazz Attack!!!

I’m loving the lack of side-fro. She looks prettier with her hair like this.

There are times when I love Mame’s new hairstyle. I think it’s cute and makes her look even more bean-like. But there are times in this video that it just…

I don’t know if it’s the hair or that expression she gets now and then.

She’s not quite sure she can smile.
Ah, looking at this cap now, she reminds me of Nakazawa.

Nothin’ wrong with that.

You go Riida. Nobody just randomly does the splits anymore.

Oh Granny, despite the nickname you are SO YOUNG.

What is she now, seventeen? She just looks so tiny. I’m getting a little worried about her. Why does everyone seem to hate her so much? She’s cheerful and cute and sings better than Nutjob ever did (come on. you know she does). I think she’s the one in Momusu who just doesn’t stand out that much. Like in Berryz, there is Chinami. Chinami isn’t a bad singer, nor is she anything less than adorable, but I ALWAYS forget she is there.

There is always one.

The reason that I am worried about Aika though is not so much that people don’t seem to take to her, but that she seems to let things get to her. I feel like she is sensitive and so instead of laughing things off, she might be hurt. She’d feel like she couldn’t speak up.

Well, I’m rooting for ya.
Keep on smiling like a little ol’ granny.

Shige is really something. I wonder if all that runs through her head is variations of, “I’m so cute” or “Wheeeeee”.

Ugh. And she IS cute.
Say what you want about her personality, but you can’t deny that much. Just cause she says it herself (far too much – think of all the times she must be thinking it to herself and not saying it), it doesn’t mean she isn’t.

And that is what is so annoying.

Junjun looks really bored in this pv. She was almost always obscured by someone too, so I could barely get the two caps of her that I have.

Too bad, cause she’s beautiful.

Oh Kamei. I want your photobook.



Sorry, sorry. Go back to smiling Eri.

Some Funny shots

Riida has become a goat.
Shige is spreading her cute vibes to the masses.
Kamei is about to sneeze.


“Ah. Ok.”

Winky: (thinking) “Freakin’ Juniors.”

So Seishun Collection, not the most creative venture. But the girls look good, the song is sweet and summer-y (and it IS summer time people) and the costumes are devoid of giant bows and hideous tutus. This is exactly like Mikan. No one liked that one either, but if they were emo-ing up the place again, everyone would wonder where the genki went. I ended up loving Mikan and this one will probably be the same.

I like the lyrics, cliched as they might be. To paraphrase one line: the fact that we all have lonely nights is our bond. I like that. I like all the hand-holding and giggling. I choose to believe that they all do in fact get along and like each other.

They don’t have a whole lot of set/concept/costuming to work with here. I think some of the girls are as baffled as we are. But it’s not a bad song.

And hey, as per the title, Momusu is outside again!
It’s all how you look at things, ne?



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