The Berryz Question is Answered

Do we like the answer? The answer to the question: what will be done with Berryz now that their sales kinda suck, they’re all over twenty (right-?) and clearly starting to check out emotionally from this idol-business?


Answer: “Hiatus”.


I am not a huge fan, but Berryz has been around a long, long time and for H!P, this is big.

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Isilie in New York: Part One – Da Line and Da Show


WE MADE IT!! The trip was exhausting beyond belief. I didn’t get any proper sleep from Friday until Monday afternoon. I dozed on the bus, but didn’t fall asleep at all (minus one measly hour on the way hour on the way home). We didn’t eat much except bagels here and there either. We got into New York around 11AM and got into line as soon as we found it. And there we waited. For almost four hours. Possibly more.

We weren’t VIPs, you see.
But it didn’t matter, really. Despite the bus, despite hunger, despite the cold, despite everything – we got in. We saw the concert. We shook their hands.

This might get sappy. Sorry, not sorry.
This is all from memories, so if I leave out details or get them wrong, it’s not intentional.

On to the show!

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In Which Isilie is Freaking Out.

So here is the plan for seeing Morning Musume’s show in New York: Bro and I are traveling by bus because we couldn’t afford to fly. We also can’t afford accommodations in New York, so we are going to leave right after the concert. This presents quite a long amount of time sitting on buses and probably an obscene amount of time waiting in lines and sweating my arse off-

Why am I doing this again?


Oh right. I got da tickets!!! (gif from Haropuro Edits on Tumblr)
Riho is how my brother looked when we got them. Ayumin is more how I reacted.

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Momusu goes Chicky-boom (also: I’m back!! XD)


I’m sorry, but does anybody else hear that? Tikibun sounds like ‘chicky-boom’ to me, every single time. Makes the record-scratching motion that makes up most of the choreography much funnier. Is that really the onomatopoeia you want to use there? Well, I guess if Berryz is retiring going on hiatus (post on that is coming), someone has to keep up the good ol’ ‘H!P MC’ tradition. And honestly, I can’t think of a word that could possibly represent the sound a record makes when scratched.

Gonna give you this one, Tsunku. Congratulations on being in remission. We’re all relieved and happy for you. ^_^

I wonder what that MC/DJ record thing has to do with the meaning of the song itself-
You know what, let’s just move on.

It’s probably Michishige’s last pv with Momusu, minus her solo which I’m certain will get the pinkest pv since…ever. I think it’s out now and I’ve not seen it yet, but I’m right, aren’t I? I feel so rusty at this, but let’s have a go anyway.


(PS: All gifs from here. Thank you!)

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