From Nacchi’s blog: March 12th

“In the end, I stayed up cleaning until the morning while watching TV, thinking
This thing that just happened
Is this real?

I wish it was a lie or‥
the images are hard to believe..and that I could do nothing but watch

Being alive and
now, having survived..

I thought about these things for some time..
The things happening in this world right now.
This is reality.. When I realized this, I became scared again‥
Disheartened, anxious..
even closing my eyes felt scary‥

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Just a small word, from a small place…

This earthquake is

I’m praying for those in Japan, those in surrounding areas, those with families that will be affected and those with families already affected…the businesses, the landscape…everything. Everyone.

It’s scary, even though I don’t have any family or friends there. I can’t do anything. I hope everyone is safe, will be safe.

Take care,

PS: Funny, this is my 100th post. The actual 100th post…post will come later.

EDIT: Go here for how to help. Do what you can. ❤
Our thoughts, our prayers, are with you Japan!