Top Ten: The ‘Perfect’ Momosu Singles

I’ve not done a top ten on this blog yet…and since I promised myself, and an important person, more posts I decided to finally get off my butt (metaphorically speaking of course) and get this post out of my head and onto…the screen, as it were.

It’s taken awhile, but I have now officially heard every coupling track on abejudgeevery Morning Musume single (that I know of, anyway). I didn’t take much notice of them before I got to ‘Odore! Morning Curry.’ Usually I would skip them entirely because I couldn’t pick out which voice was which or they really bored me. That was before I became so into this group that almost everything began to grow on me.

That being said, I now believe that the perfect single means the coupling track is equally as strong as the main track. And by strong, I mean either that the songs compliment each other to create an interesting whole or they are both so catchy and interesting that you’re left wondering why the hell the other song wasn’t also a single. One example is an album track called Genki + (Sexy8 Beat) that I am terribly into at the moment. It’s an epic song and yet.

So, before we start: These are my opinions only, DUH. Yes, I’ve listened to everything and these are my favourites based on the coupling tracks WITH the main track. These aren’t my favourite SINGLES, mind you (that’s a different post altogether), but the ones that by my standards are perfect and that I like the most.  I only have pics for the top five…because it’s a real bitch to find good quality scans of all the covers, from what I’ve discovered.

Grr. Arrgh.

Topu ten ga hajimari yo~~

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Hangry/Angry = Screencap Fest

So, in preparation for the eventuality that is this post, I capped a lot from a really crappy version of the “kiss me kill me” pv. Although I think the first time I restrained myself. When I got a better copy and recapped…

Yes. I went a little insane.


So instead of some well-thought-out and well-planned post where I go on about why the video itself, or the song even, is good or bad, let’s just bombard you with the insane number of caps I got. I think my opinions will become apparent. When I stopped capping I had 77 pics.

So I erased some.
Now I have about 66.
I blame Yossy.

Watch out, this may take awhile to load.

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The 2nds-in-Command: When Tsunku Gets it Right Part 2

In my last leader-related post (When Tsunku gets it Right), I mentioned Sub-leaders very briefly. I’m still not sure what their specific job description would be. I don’t even think anyone tells them what it actually means, but I don’t doubt the sense of responsibility they must feel when Tsunku says, “hey [insert name of bewildered Musume here], you’re the sub-leader.
The word ‘leader’ is a loaded one.

I love that when asked what Tsunku actually said to her when she became leader, Takahashi just pointed to herself and said, “Riida.”
Absolutely no segue. He just points and says it.

Her expression was priceless, like, “Did you expect him to say more?”
Like I’ve said, the Musumes have accepted Tsunku is freakin nuts.

When reviewing my leader post I realized that I originally set out to talk about the best leaders and really ended up just listing the leaders in general. I do think that they all rock, but I didn’t exactly do what I set out to do. So let’s be clear in this post that I will talk about the actual sub-leaders in ascending order rather than simply the best ones.

Fortunately for us, we haven’t had a bad-subleader yet.

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