In Which Isilie Reviews 2012 ~~, the world is still around and that means Isilie must write a post to sum up another year of H!P.

I used this picture since I think it kinda sums up how Momusu has been moving. They’re moving forward so rapidly lately, with new members all over the place, new song styles, new colours for certain members and graduations, oh MY, the graduations.

I wanted to do something a little different this year than just simply a bunch of “this is what I liked”s. If you’ve been reading this you probably already know that I’ve not really covered Berryz, C-ute, or anyone else on this blog this year. Working full-time made it much harder to cover things as well as I would have liked. I will give you a short summary of what I loved this year from Momusu and then I thought I’d talk about some things that I never got around to posting about.

Thanks everybody, for stopping by (even if, like about 60% of visitors, you’re just trolling for ‘jailbait’.)! I even had the pleasure and shock of realizing I have adorable people who love this blog and read it regularly. That honestly has made my year. It was so humbling and made me so happy! Thank you!!

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