When Tsunku gets it right

In a group like Morning Musume, where people are going in and out at the whims of UFA (or whatever their company/coporation/bosses/slavedrivers are called) every couple of years, there has to be some sort of stabilizing influence. In a place like H!P, which is, let’s face it, completely random in nature, you can’t count on the songs, the dances or the costumes to remain sane. Morning Musume is perpetually caught between their ever-so-slightly-sexy image (Resonant Blue) and their ever-so-genki image (Mikan) and that must be confusing as hell for new members, who tend to be 12-14 years of age (READ: freakin children).

So Tsunku, in one of his occaisonal bursts of genius, decided they should have a leader. Usually this girl is the oldest or the one with the most seniority. As far as I’ve been able to tell, this is the one who looks after the newer members, encouraging them and trying to make them feel welcome; They lead the talk portion of talkshows, depending on the format; They make sure the other members are getting along; They keep spirits up during dance lessons and so on, Etc.

That is, IF they are doing their job right.

So I’ve devoted this post to the best (IMO) leaders (and to a lesser extent, subleaders) Morning Musume has had. In descending order of course – most recent to earliest.
With pics.

On the Sub-leaders…I’m not certain what they do. I suppose they go behind the leader after a command has been given and say, “You heard what she said. Get in line, bitches!”
Only nicer. Cause not everyone finds adding “bitches” to every sentence as funny as I do.

Yossy said in her Dokyu that Miki as subleader didn’t claim to do anything but, “did her work quietly”. So there is some truth to my theory that they’re seen and not heard. They are the ‘support’, if you will.

Which is kinda nifty.
Again, if the job is done right.

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The Shifty World of ‘Buono!’

Just in case any of you doubted that Buono are the bad-asses of H!P’s anime sect, observe their new video where these part-time gangsters play bad-ass games like Jenga.

The loser has to go make pancakes with Kirarin…a fate worse than death…
She won’t even let you eat them!!! NOOOOooooooooooo…

This video and song ‘Gachinko de Ikou’ is pure win.

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