Tsunku’s Insanity: First Edition – Hello Pro Kids

One day, Tsunku, high as he so frequently seems to be decided that the next best thing to tricking hopeful girls into believing they lost their dreams – and then mysteriously flying them in again and saying “Whoops, I actually AM going to give you a chance, Morning Musume. Mwahaaaaaa *drunken laughter*” – was to take a giant group of children, between the ages of five and freaking NINE and tell them they could be idols. He’d do this by making them do auditions on national television and then, IF they passed his random fancy, force them to dance around people like Fujimoto and Goto, who they would be probably and rightfully, terrified of.

And then if that worked out, he’d eventually give them some name he thought up when cornered by cameras and then make them sweat again, by slowly revealing who was in the REAL group and who was still doomed to the mercy of Fujimoto etc. Then he’d make them wait for their first song.

Doesn’t that sound like a psycological paradise for a six year old?
What the crap was he thinking?

From this insanity we get Berryz Koubou and C-ute. 

Let’s explore this more, shall we?

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